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I’ve finally downloaded the different versions of this song! 8D

Just click on the song names to listen to it on youtube. =)

1. 기억 (“Memory”) (Original Mix)

This is the version with only Younha singing in korean.

2. 기억 (“Memory”) (Rap Mix) feat Tablo

This one is featuring Tablo from Epik High doing the rap parts.

3. Kioku (Japanese version)

This is for the ED song for an anime called Rideback.

4. Kioku feat Goku (Japanese version)

Another mix version this time featuring Goku for the japanese rap.

I  personally loved the japanese version but for the rap parts i prefer Tablo’s version. I think he raps better than Goku. I dunno…it just seems like his rap has a nicer flow to it. ;D He can also pronounce the english parts a lot better. Like at the beginning where he says: “My eyes, my ears, my hands, my feet, my lips, my heart, my soul, and then there’s you”. He actually pronounces “Heart” nicely. But Goku kinda pronounces it as “Hurt”. =/

So if they actually combined the japanese version with Tablo, then that would’ve been the perfect song! But overall each version is still really good. =) All these songs are availabe for download here.

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