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I have’nt updated much here lately. I blame my exams. I have to get prepared for it. So expect um…less updates? Anyway i just realized that GD released his new music video for his song “Butterfly“. I gotta admit i was’nt so into this song before. But after hearing it more and more im starting to like it (but i still prefer his upbeat songs). I like how they did the MV though. The whole fantasy scene is cute and definitely something new from him. I also enjoyed seeing the animated version of him. ♥

According to the current kpop rankings for 2009 (from omgkpop site), GD scored 1st place for the best male solo artist category. Big Bang on the other hand ranked in at 5th place for the best male group (Super Junior ranked #1). Although Big Bang did’nt get #1, they still got in the top five. So that’s already a great achievement and of course GD totally deserved his spot. This guy really is getting a lot of attention lately. Both in the sense of his music and also himself. Like his songs are a big hit with everyone and his fashion sense has caught the eye of many. Especially with that little stint of him with that curly head (aka the Ronald McDonald hairstyle). I shall name that hair style the McDragon. Lol GD i still love you despite your hair, but i just could’nt resist from making this pic:

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