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I needed a break from studying so i went on youtube and googled up some random videos on DBSK. The first video i watched was the one where DBSK trains dolphins at Seaworld in Japan. JaeJoong was’nt there though. ;__; I wonder where he went….Well anyway i loved the part at the end where Yoochun says “Junsu GO!”. Like as if Junsu was one of the dolphins too. xD It’s so adorable how Junsu responded with a little jump. ♥ Too bad he did’nt do his little dolphin wail though. Dolphins+Junsu = Pure Adorableness!!! ♥

Then the next video i watched was a video of some girls dressed up as the DBSK members and dancing  to their songs too. I gotta admit, they’re great at dancing and their costumes and hairstyles do look a lot similar. I read some of the comments on youtube and most of them were saying how those girls look a lot like guys in that video. I think so too! Well maybe at close up you can tell that they’re girls. But from the video, they look a whole lot like guys. o_o Well i should’nt be so surprised. I’ve encountered a couple of girls who have that bishounen look (pretty boy look). Like seriously! These girls can look so much like those pretty boys! D:

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