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Gossip Men

Just a quick post before i jam my head with more info for my exam this friday.

Things have just gotten crazy over the whole TVXQ lawsuit thing. They’ve become the Gossip Men. If you check up on the popular kpop site “allkpop”. The main page is filled with news just on them. First they say Changmin and Yunho are on SME’s side, then the parents of those two got dragged in the whole thing and they said how they were dissatisfied with the decision of the other 3 boys (Junsu, JaeJoong, and Yoochun). And the latest one, fellow label boy band SHINee are showing signs of siding with SME too.

Like seriously, what’s going on here? Why is everyone siding with SME now!? Why must all this happen when i’ve just started becoming a fan of them. ;__; Anyway i’ll be following up on the rest of the news. So for now i’ll just leave this post with GD’s song “Gossip Man“. =P

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