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It’s here people! GD’s latest MV for “A Boy”. =D The video has an abstract theme going on with all the video effects and all. There’s also a couple of scenes showing a boy which is GD when he was young. So small yet already so talented. That’s my GD! <3  Well anyway enjoy the video~

At the age of 13 i came without time to spare
The confidence of not knowing style to me was my weapon
If there’s an uphill, there’s a downhill
It’s too late to go back
I can’t let go

Remember back in the day
I can’t trust others
Don’t forget back in the day
I was a boy, with that fine voice
I shout to the world, shine a light

Lyric translation snippet from: Baka Blog

Comments on: "G-Dragon A Boy MV" (2)

  1. limitless71 said:

    lol thanks for not stealing XD…I really appericiate it…btw I was wondering of maybe exchanging links (altho my blog is based on a mixed variety of things and we currently do not have a button…)

  2. Haha no probs. xD Yup sure i’d love to. Send me your banner as soon as you have one ok. I’ll use a text link for your site for now. =)

    Oh and 88×31 (pixels) dimensions are preferred for the banner/button. You can find mines in the sidebar here. I’d appreciate it if you place it in your sidebar too. Thanks for affiliating! =D

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