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You know that boy group that danced in the Mirotic flash mob dance thingy? If you have no idea what im talking about, then read this post here and watch the first video there. Well apparently they’re a group of dancers from Malaysia under the name “Progression“. I checked out some of their other performances on youtube, and im liking it a lot! 8D Check it out yourself!

It’s amazing how they look a lot like DBSK from afar. Like seriously! o__o I like the fact that they even wear similar costumes during the performance. They even got the hip thrusts down really well! Lol. xD Great job guys!

Credits: KiraYunho for uploading the video and the great performance. ;D

Comments on: "Mirotic Dance by Progression" (3)

  1. lyrico19 said:

    yes, i think so..from far..i thought i saw jae..haha

  2. […] Progression will be there! If you don’t already know about them, you can check my post on it here. They’ve done dance covers for DBSK too. ;D Ah and the prizes sounds interesting! I wonder […]

  3. i saw JAE!! xP

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