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Remember that post i made a few weeks back about this Flash Mob Dance that was going on in KL? Well the videos are finally uploaded on youtube! It definitely looks great and i wish i could’ve been there too. What a bad timing to be having exams huh. =( Here’s the videos i’ve found so far:

For more info on the event itself, refer to my previous post on the Flash Mob Dance. This event was hosted by the people over at Sayang DBSK. =D

Comments on: "TVXQ Flash Mob Dance in KL Videos" (4)

  1. […] danced in the Mirotic flash mob dance thingy? If you have no idea what im talking about, then read this post here and watch the first video there. Well apparently they’re a group of dancers from […]

  2. desitara said:

    WOW!! some sleek moves there!!

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  3. Yup they’re awesome. ;D

    The guys dancing in the first video is by a dance group called “Progression”. I’ve blogged about them before. So you could check out my other blog posts if you’re interested. =)

  4. […] examples of some of the previous flashmob dances by Malaysian cassies, click here. Also help spread the word by retweeting this post. (Click on the green retweet icon up […]

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