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I’ve finally bought my own G-Dragon Heartbreaker album today!! Woot woot! I got it for RM73. =) It also came along with one seriously huge poster of GD. ♥ Please do not redistribute these images anywhere else without my permission.

Scans (self-scanned):

Download scans zip file: Here.

Comments on: "G-Dragon Heartbreaker CD + Scans" (12)

  1. not bad at all :)

  2. do you have scanned lyrics of SHE’S GONE??

    Can you send it to my email g-dragon880818@hotmail.com ?
    thank you~~^^

  3. @Max: Yup and i’ve sent you an email with it. =)

    Added it up there with the rest of the scans too. Also added in the Butterfly lyrics scan. Zip file is also updated. Enjoy~

  4. did you order this from Yes Asia?

  5. I got mines from a korean specialty store here in my place. They sell just about every single k-artist cd, album, and merchandise. They import all their stuff directly from Korea. =)

  6. jake pham said:

    i got exactly the same album like this but there was no poster like yours, or did u buy the poster separate?

  7. […] get the album that you want as they directly import their stuff from Korea. I previously bought my “Heartbreaker” album from here which came along with a huge poster of GD. […]

  8. Echo Mai said:

    hello !! Nice meeting you guys.
    I wonder if here still can buy GD’ album or not , if do ,tell me please , thank you so much. or if don'[t ,hope to reply me as well , I really wanna buy it ,thx!!!

    • Hello there. I bought mines from My Star Collection in Time Square. If you’re living in Malaysia, you can try that shop. But i bought mines from there a long time ago. I’m not sure if they still have this album in stock, but you could try and email/phone them and ask about it. If you’re from other countries you can try online stores such as YesAsia, but it would be more pricy due to shipping costs.

  9. Hello,

    do you have scanned lyrics of Gossip Man??
    Can you send it to my email super-junior05@hotmail.fr ?

    thank you~~^^

  10. kuronekoXIII said:

    Hi, do you know of any sources that still sell this version rather than the repackaged one?

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