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Jaejoong dating!

Kay i dunno how reliable this piece of news is, so i’ll just put it up under rumors. I heard the news when i dropped by allkpop today. Seems like he was spotted on a late night date with a Japanese actress called Avril Yu.

Anybody have any idea who this girl is? I tried searching for her name on google, but i did’nt find anything on her. I wanna see her pics. =) I saw some of the comments over at allkpop and here i quote one of the comments:

I can hear hearts breaking around the world.

So true. I can imagine the fangirls going crazy right now. Heck im a fangirl too. But im ok with him dating. He has the right to be happy. ♥ So im happy for him. =) Im just curious who this girl is. I believe pictures of her will surface soon enough. ;D

EDIT: Theres photos of her now on allkpop. She’s quite pretty. ^^

DOUBLE EDIT: Ok her name is Abiru Yuu! The site misspelled her name. No wonder i could’nt find her pics. >_> After seeing more pics of her with a quick search on google. Im not really sure whether i find her as a good partner for him now. Im seeing a lot of revealing pics on the web. I somehow pictured JaeJoongs girl to be pretty, sweet and well….decent. But after looking at all those pics of Abiru. Im not sure what to think. Just my opinion. ^^

TRIPLE EDIT: Yup it seems like the rumor was just simply a rumor and not true. Judging from the post here–>Click. JJ was’nt even there in Japan during that time, and he never even met her before. xD

Comments on: "Jaejoong dating!" (2)

  1. DCLee said:

    A complete made up story. They were not even in the same country on the day that they were rumored dating.

  2. Lol yeah most probably just a rumor. Anyway he looks like he’s too busy to be out dating people. ^^;

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