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Ah the fans are really speedy in uploading the videos on youtube. So far i’ve managed to see both Big Bang and DBSK’s performances tonight. Big Bang rocked the stage with Gara Gara Go. I love the stage btw. It really complimented BB’s performance really well. =D Then they’re performance was followed by DBSK which performed Stand By You. It’s so awesome to see DBSK on the stage as 5 once again. I’ve missed them! ♥ Their performance was as great as ever. Listening to their performance made me realize once again how awesome they all sound on live. ♥♥

Big Bang: Gara Gara Go

DBSK: Stand By You

DBSK: Speech

Will be updating this post with more videos when i find it. ;D

Comments on: "NTV Best Hits Festival 2009" (2)

  1. DCLee said:

    It is nice to see them together again. The snow scene is very beautiful. I wish that they had more time to talk.

  2. Yeah it was beautiful! Their voices, the stage, the whole setting was lovely. ♥

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