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Would’nt that be great? Haha well i just heard an interesting piece of  news on allkpop and here i quote Geun Suk:

“We live in the same neighborhood. My mother really likes her. She even went to a psychic for a couple match between Park Shin Hye and me. They said we go together really well. Because of that, she asked me to invite Park Shin Hye over to our house.”

Oh god! Sounds like my dream couple might just end up being real. Will the scene from the drama above ever become a reality? 8D Come on,  even his mum approves of it. She even went through the trouble of seeing a psychic to confirm about their compatibility. And judging from this video here. It looks like they’re having a great time together off-camera too. I mean look at them!! They’re so flirting! Hehehe. xDD

Comments on: "Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye together? =D" (9)

  1. kajal said:

    i think jgs with moon guen young makes a better couple than with park shin hye.i really dont think park shin hye is beautiful

    • now you know who is better watched. mgy with jgs had lowwwww ratings compared to YAB, hahaha

    • Shana said:

      u don’t have any evidences to that,many rumors about sukkiehye means more truth…

    • I agree with you Shana! There are more evidences unfolding with SukkieHye! Even Sukkie’s body language says it all! I just bumped into this blog now but Sukkiehye is still making a buzz up to now that YAB has already ended for two years…and the drama and its OST is still up at the charts to top that! I myself believe that they are together…only a blind person would not see the love between these two! ^^

  2. ShinYIn said:

    but Park Shin Hye is super adorable and they really seem like a fairy tale couple together. i think they are the best couple <3

  3. Hope they’ll bcom real couple.. they seems like each other so much! and i really like watching them having fun and laughing wd each other , they are so cute… Park shin hye and Jang geun suk are my vote, hehehe! =) A great loveteam

  4. laila faisal said:


    i hope

    they become a couple………

    i love them together/////////

    for park shin hye…

    i want to choose to be her boyfriend is jang geun suk//

    and for jang geun suk

    i choose to be his girlfriend is park shin hye………..

    i’m sorry if i choose what ever i want,,,,,,,,,but they are really good couple…….

  5. si mi boto es para park shin hye son una bonita pareja me gustaria que se casen y que sean muy feliz

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