♥ J-Pop ♥ J-Rock ♥ K-Pop ♥

This is such a happy and cute song. Each time they perform it, they always have a special costume on stage. Amongst the popular ones are the animal costume, seven dwarfs and the smurfs. There’s other versions like the Mario, Peter Pan and Harry Potter costumes too. Im sure there’s more, but i’ll just post up these ones. These performances are rather old, but i thought i’d share and compile some here just for fun because i miss those good old days.

Amongst the versions listed here, i really enjoyed the Mario one. It’s so adorable seeing them all in those jumpsuits with the mushroom badges on. They even have that famous Mario box thingy and it was funny seeing how Yunho was bobbing his head on it. Haha Yunho dear, no coins or mushrooms will come out of those. xDD Too bad they did’nt wear the mustaches though. I guess it would’ve gotten in the way. Like kinda hard for them to sing with it huh. xD BUT! The backup dancers were wearing it. So that’s good. xDD Even the girl dancers were wearing a mustache lol.

The Harry Potter costumes were pretty good too. Yunho was actually wearing glasses in this one which makes him look kinda like Harry in a way. xD As for the Peter Pan one, they were all dressed in green similar to Peter and the backup dancers consisted of Tinkerbells and even a Capt Hook. Would’ve been great to see either one of them dress up as Capt Hook instead. But it’s still awesome anyway.

It’s amazing how a bunch of hot guys can actually pull off these cute performances. Well no one other than DBSK can pull that off actually. xD Have fun watching the videos and hopefully this will cheer up all you cassies out there~

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