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Many of you would have already heard of this new boy group called F.cuz that is soon to debut on 8th January 2010. They’re one of the most anticipated group for next year and have been gaining a lot of attention from the netizens. I gotta admit, i see a lot of potential for this group and im really looking forward to their debut. Though i still don’t know much about them, i already have a fav in the group which is Kan (the 1st from left in pic above). He has this resemblance to JaeJoong of DBSK. But just sometimes at certain angles and pics. Like if you look at his other pics he looks a lot different. But this one strikes a resemblance don’t you think?

The body build, with the sleeveless shirt, the beanie and that smile lol.

Comments on: "F.cuz Kan looks like Jae?" (6)

  1. different..

  2. his eyes and smile..a lot different to me..

  3. Yeah well i did mention similar. Not exactly the same. And only at certain angles and pics. Of course no one could look like the real Jae. ;D

  4. they are the same!!

  5. kurosagi said:

    both of them have the same “sweet look” but surely not looks too identical~

  6. Tanieya Samantha Edrian said:

    Finally someone think same thing as me.Yes,sometime they look aloke.I agree.

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