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It’s been a week since my last post. Well that’s because i was on vacation and i just got back home. But i could’nt have left for a whole week and not post anything here. So to make up for it, i’ve made some gif images from DBSK’s movie Dating on Earth! I watched it recently and omg it’s too cute! I gotta spread the awesomeness. So here it is in GIF form. xD Enjoy~

Comments on: "[GIF] DBSK – Dating on Earth" (2)

  1. ifa fifa said:

    i luv this movie..great..
    but why my honey(yunho oppa) character as a nerd..
    hwever, he still cute in that character (sory 4 the broken eng)..
    everyone in this drama have done a great job..
    keep hwaiting..aja2 hwaiting DBSK oppa’s..
    yourshimi hae juseyo..gambarimasu.

  2. Yeah this movie is really nice. Im gonna rewatch it some time later. :D

    Haha yeah they made Yunho as a nerdy boy here, but he’s still cute anyway. <3

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