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Asian fans of korean drama “You’re Beautiful” shall be happy to hear that one of the lead actors are coming over for a fanmeeting! According to allkpop, Jang Geun Suk will be holding a fanmeeting from March 2010 till May 2010 to promote the drama and will be stopping by the following countries:

1. China
2. Taiwan
3. Hong Kong
4. Singapore

It was also mentioned that Philippines and Thailand will also be included sometime this year as well. Though this seems to be great news for the majority of the people in Asia, im slightly disappointed that Malaysia was’nt included in the list. Since they’ve already decided to go to Singapore and Thailand, they might as well do one in Malaysia too right? It’s right in between those two countries.  Im also really sure that there’s a huge fanbase here too! Because i for one, am a huge fan and so are my other friends living here. Well anyway i sure hope he stops by some day. =)

Comments on: "Jang Geun Suk on Asia Tour" (3)

  1. chercher said:

    hi, do you know when he will come to hong kong?

    • Sorry i have’nt heard about the exact date yet. But i’m sure the info will be out soon. I’ll update this post with the dates once i find out. ;D

  2. love u mr. attitude!!!..u have lotss nd lotss of fan in India too…..<3

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