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I stumbled upon this on youtube and searched for a download. Too bad they did’nt have any HQ videos, so i settled with this one. At least it’s subbed, so bare with the low quality screencaps. ^^ Im not familiar with this show, but i think it’s something like a guest celebrity is invited to come to a rural area and help the elderly people in the village. A bit like Family Outing i guess except for the family part. ^^

They start by introducing themselves and mentioned that they prepared a logo song for the program. It starts off with their nice vocals, but then their dorky sides took over and they started to sing random parts. Here’s what they sang:

“(With serious face) Over the Mountain Across the River (quiet)…(crazyness starts here) Bbalabambam~bbalabambambbam~Dong Bang Shin Ki came~bbalabam~But no one~bbalabambam~Knows Dong Bang Shin Ki~bbalabambam~

They were then split into two teams. JaeJoong was chosen in the first team to do the task of cleaning up cow dung! Jae picked Yunho because he heard that Yunho rode on cows before. Yunho replied “yeah i did this before” and jokingly says “i love cow dung” (Lol Yunho!). The two then chooses their maknae Changmin to join in, and Changmin replies “this will be fun because i’ve never done this before”. The presenter replies “You’re gonna have a hard time.” xDD

The grandma at the farm helps wipe off Yunho and Changmins sweat after a long day of scooping cow dung. xD

While JaeYunMin scoop up cow dung, YooSu team visits an elderly couple and decides to cheer them up. Haha totally adorable~♥

And finally they all group up and once again perform another dorky dance! Lol look at them! Junsu randomly blowing on that red horn, Yoochun with the facial hair, Yunho with the weird wig, JaeJoong with that (what is that? A hat?), and Changmin just being plain cute Changmin! xDD

Well that’s all for part 1. I’ve watched part 2 so i might blog about that one too. Then maybe part 3 as well after i finish watching that one. :D

Comments on: "[DBSK] Over the Mountain, Across The River Part 1" (4)

  1. I watched this program too. They are so funny there. I laughed to the ground. I miss them in their old time.

    Always Keep The Faith! TVXQ, Fito!

    • Haha yeah they’re so cute. I love how they’re so random. I wish i could see all 5 of them like this again. ♥

  2. yuniaaja said:

    I really like them 5 so much…… jaejoong is really funny with that wierd Hat,,,

  3. momo-chan said:

    can you upload?? i can’t find this show everywhere T.T

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