♥ J-Pop ♥ J-Rock ♥ K-Pop ♥

Yes i know it’s DBSK again. I can’t help it. D: I watched the offshoot video a while ago, and found some really cute moments in it. So i just HAD to make it into a gif. Amongst all of it, the dork cone hat is like the most lol moment ever. xD I’ll probably turn these gifs into icons some time later. So enjoy these for now~ ♥

Oh god that smile! It’s so contagious. I can’t stop smiling when i see that. ♥

Jae’s probably thinking “i wonder if this looks good on me?” *tries it on* “Of course it does! Oh wait! I better put this back before Yoochun notices me doing dorky things” *quietly puts it back*…..meanwhile Chunnie is just drifting off somewhere with a blank face without realizing anything.

Aww i just love that little laugh there. xD

Haha i dunno why, but i just find this synchronized hand movement so funny and cute. :3

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