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She was spotted at Big Bangs Big Show Concert on day 1. Other celebrities seen on that day was Gong Yoo,  Jinusean, Teddy, Lee Hyuk Soo (G-Dragon’s friend and actor from What’s Up), What’s Up cast & staff, Yang Seung Ho & Lee Hyun Jong (2NE1 stylists), 2PM’s Junsu, Kara’s Goo Hara, BEAST, Patty Kim, Into the Gunfire staff & cast, Kim Seon Kyung, Chinatsu Wakatsuki.

Click here for the list of celebrities who were there on day 2 and 3.


That was kinda unexpected. I know that a lot of celebrities do go to each others concerts and all, but i did’nt think that i’d hear about PSH at a Big Bang concert! That’s awesome. She definitely made a good choice by attending it. I would’ve attended it in a heartbeat if i had the chance. :)

Im also glad to see that BEAST came as well. Considering how Hyun Seung used to be a part of Big Bang, and is still on good terms with the Big bang members. It’s great to see him there giving moral support to them.

Seems like the Big Bang concert was a big hit with all the celebrities appearing. Good job to Big Bang and i can’t wait to hear about their Electric Love Tour. :D

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