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F.Cuz’s new album track list has been revealed. You can check out the list here. And one of the songs is No One. Recently the MV has been released, and a lot of mixed reactions were heard from the netizens. Some says that they’re similar to Beast’s style while others thought this was a nice new image change. Others have also commented that Kan’s hairstyle did not look good on him. I kinda agree with this one. Now don’t get me wrong, Kan is my fav amongst the members, but i seriously think they should have done something else with his hair. I preferred his previous hairstyle a lot more. With his current look, he just seems kinda different. I almost did’nt recognize him at first. :O Yejun on the other hand, had a nice change. I’m loving his straighter hairstyle and he actually caught my attention this time. Leeu is looking great too. Can’t comment much on Jinon though because i think he has’nt changed much.

As for the song itself, i actually liked it better than Jiggy. Jiggy was cute and fluffy while this one is more manly and edgy which i personally think matches their style better. Like what i have expected when i saw those first few sneak peaks of their promo debut photos. The song is still catchy like Jiggy with easy lyrics to follow (repetition of “No One” in the chorus). The MV was pretty decent, but nothing amazing though. Overall, i think this song is pretty good, and still well worth a listen. A few more listens, and i think i might actually get hooked on it. :)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Download MV Here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

P.S: If you wanna share the song with your friends, please link them to this page. Uploading these MV’s takes time, so i appreciate it if you don’t steal the links. ^^

Comments on: "[MV] F.Cuz – No One (Review + HQ MV Download)" (1)

  1. Thaanx ..
    The MV was great ..
    Keep on <3
    :) ..

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