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Ok so a few days ago, Kpop actually kinda like took over twitter. Was actually supposed to post this up much earlier. But i’ve been having problems with wordpress and it just would’nt post my posts for some reason until now. =__= Anyways,  all the fandoms were busy tweeting away for their fav groups. It was crazy with the rankings fluctuating every now and then. SuJu fans managed to keep the SuJu trend in the 1st spot for a good few hours. It’s amazing. Even TVXQ fans had a hard time beating them. Other fandoms that took part but were not in the TT at the time this screenshot was taken were SNSD, ZEA, and DNA. It’s funny how the Justin Bieber fans took notice of this and started making their own too. It was really interesting to watch all this happen.

I lol’d at Tablo’s reaction to it all. Here i quote his tweet @blobyblo:
“what the hay is goin on wit all these trends?”

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  1. I lol’d at Tablo’s reaction as well; mostly because I had the exact same reaction with him. Kpop fans have went overboard not to mention some eww-worthy tweets. What’s the use of making them a Trending Topic, I still don’t get it at all. Though on the other side its refreshing, I’m bored with Justin Bieber trending all the time but then again I’m not visiting twitter page via web that much.

    I might get a lot of hate for this lol xD

    • Lol well i think people trend these things to um spread the word about the artists. Like once it’s on the trending list, the whole world sees it, and we all know that there are millions of Twitter users worldwide. So i guess it’s some kinda promotion for the group. People would be interested to see what that TT is about and they’ll eventually get to know about the group. ^^

      And yeah! Finally i see a bunch of TT’s beating Justin Bieber. No offense against the kid, but yeah i’m bored of seeing him trend every single day. D: So it was pretty cool to see kpop take over for one day. 8D

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