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[tweetmeme source=”purpleminds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-cv%5D Super Junior’s newly released song “Bonamana” is one of the most talked about song at the moment in the kpop world. It’s even trending now at this moment on twitter. So have you guys actually seen the MV yet? Well i did. Like just about a few hours ago. So what did i think of it? Well it’s pretty catchy actually. But strangely it reminded me of a Tamil song especially the beats of the music and the group dancing thing. Well to my amusement, someone else had also thought so and even made a parody out of it. Thanks to my friend for sending me the link to this funny video!

P.S: Don’t take it seriously. It’s all just for laughs. ;)

So here’s the original music video:

And here’s the parody:

Enjoy! :D

Comments on: "[Bloggings] SuperJunior Bonamana Parody" (2)

  1. yumilee said:

    lol..this is not a hindustani song btw.it’s a tamil,tho it comes from the same country india. and yeah, bonamana really reminds me of bollywood songs. agree with you.

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