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[tweetmeme source=”purpleminds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-cU%5DFirst thing is, i don’t own any of these videos. It belongs to their respective owners, and i’m just sharing it. :) Thanks a bunch to those who actually caught this on camera. I was so dying to see it! Looking at these videos really made me feel quite emotional. I think the whole atmosphere throughout the concert was rather emotional too. You can hear their voice tremble at times. Aww i wanna give them a huge hug now. :'(

More fancams have been spotted! :D Visit sharingyoochun.net for more.

Videos compiled from Sharingyoochun.net
Videos belong to their respective owners.

Comments on: "[Video] Fancams of JaeChunSu Thanksgiving Concert" (2)

  1. coffevampire said:

    oh no, this isn’t goodbye has been erased!

    • Aww yeah. Looks like Avex found it. :( Oh well i found another HQ fancam and updated the post. Enjoy~ Hopefully this one won’t be removed. :O

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