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Tour Schedule:

London: Friday, July 16 at 7:00 PM

Alhambra: Sunday, July 18

Barcelona: Tuesday, July 20 at 7:00 PM

Munich: Thursday, July 22

Bochum: Saturday, July 24

Ok i’m probably really late on this piece of news. But better now than never right? Just gotta spread the Gackt love around. :D So hear’s the scoop. Seems that popular j-rock star, Gackt is gonna be having a European tour! Lucky fans! I want him to do an asia tour and come down here to my country (but i can only dream ;___;). Anyways, he’ll be stopping by London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and Bochum where he will be performing at selective clubs.

The tickets went on sale on June 7th 2010, and it was sold out within 30 minutes! It was said that due to the high demand, they have decided to add on another 200 tickets for the Munich show and it will be sold exclusively through Neo Tokyo. These additional tickets were up for sale starting from June 11th 2010. I’m not quite sure with the current status off these ticket sales. But judging from the website there, it seems like they’re jammed up with thousands of queries regarding Gackt’s tour. So i assume it’s sold out by now too. But just to be sure, do check the site often.

A shout out to those who managed to get tickets: Please take lots of pics and fancams! o3o

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Comments on: "[News] Gackt European Tour: July 2010" (2)

  1. & Hina will be there! ♥

  2. […] i’ve blogged a while back ago, Gackt is currently having his European Tour. For those of you who won’t be able to make it to the actual concert itself, well now you can […]

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