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[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-e4%5D

As most of you U-Kiss fans already know, they are scheduled to have a concert here in Malaysia on the 19th of June 2010. We’re getting a lot of kpop love lately. :D If you need more info on that, refer to this post at: omonatheydid’nt. It’s just a few days away and Alexander & Kevin were seen tweeting about it:

And here’s more updates taken recently. Aww he’s speaking in malay!

Lol Xander’s food invasion! And wow he has a Singlish (Singaporean English) dictionary which is basically Manglish (Malaysian English). Haha he’ll blend in well with the people here. I wonder if he’ll say “la” at the end of his sentences when he gets here. I demand someone to record it! xDD

Concert news source: Omonatheydid’nt
Twitter screenshots & blogged by: purpleminds.wordpress.com

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