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Guys guess what? I just missed out on a major chance to see them!!! They were right there in Sunway Lagoon yesterday. You know those white apartments behind there in the pic? Yeah i stay around there. But guess what? I was’nt there on that day! I decided to go back to my hometown during exam week. Ugh if only i knew earlier i would’ve been so there. Can’t even say how frustrated i am right now. They were practically in my backyard. ;___; I always seem to miss out on these chances. :'( Well anyway i’ve managed to find some fancams of it. So enjoy~

At Sunway Lagoon:

At Fullhouse (a restaurant in Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, which is next to Sunway lagoon)

And here’s their recent tweets:

Aww they went swimming! Sounds like they had a great time. I wish i was there. ;__;

Yup as you all know, their showcase is today at KL Convention Centre. Have fun to those of you who are going. Again, i’m missing out on my chance. Why? Because i have exams to study for. Yeah my life sucks that way. .___.

Pic source: Sunway Lagoon Facebook
Video source: Respective owners
Twitter Screenshots and blogged by: purpleminds.wordpress.com

Comments on: "[Bloggings] U-Kiss in Sunway Lagoon" (4)

  1. bioneuron said:

    hey there!!~
    may I know where you got the first pic of UKISS at sunway lagoon?? I’ve been searching for the show they are shooting in Sunway too.. do you got any idea what show is it??

    • Hello! I got the picture from Sunway Lagoon Facebook page. Look under their wall photos on the 3rd page. The picture is there. ;D

      As for the show, it’s called Show Power and aired on astro AEC (channel 301).

      They also had an interview on a Chinese radio station. Redi 988 FM Radio Malaysia. You can listen to their segment here: http://youtu.be/vwCbWf02WWA

      Kiseop and Kevin introduced themselves in Malay! So cute! :3 The rest is mostly in chinese. Oh and you can see their arrival at the radio station (fancam video) here: http://youtu.be/cdbNNdCjGAA

      Enjoy~ :D

      • bioneuron said:

        Thanks for the info!!

        I heard their radio interview live that night…
        I was just searching for sunway lagoon activities pic..
        They seemed to enjoy the trip there..

        as for the show.. Its already aired??
        do you know the airing time??

  2. @bioneuron: Yeah it was already aired on Saturday (26th June). I missed it too. :( But knowing Astro, i think they may repeat it some other time. Not sure when though. ^^;

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