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[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-ek%5DOk so how many of you have already seen T.O.P’s new smoking hot MV? Well if you have’nt, here’s the MV here. It’ll make your day. ;)

So in the MV we see T.O.P surrounded by a whole crowd of ladies. Yes we already know T.O.P is irresistible, but this MV totally emphasized that point with all the ladies around him.

Surrounded by ladies.

And yes there’s more of them.

Human keyboard reminds me of JYP’s version of it. But T.O.P’s one is hotter. :D

Although the video mainly has a sexy vibe to it, however it does have its funny quirky moments too. Like the part where he was in that big tea cup with the ladies. I dunno i just find that cute. xD Lol and the monkey. K i dunno how that’s related to the whole video. Maybe it was just there for the random factor. I dunno lol. xD

Is’nt that cute? Nice idea for a bath tub/jacuzzi.

Random monkey with guitar. No comment. xD

Overall the video screams hotness, elegance and luxury! Check out this snippet of the lyrics:
“나는 John galliano, Dior, Louis vuitton,
kris vanassche, YSL ,Dolce & gabbana
Givenchy Alexander McQueen Tuxedo와 Shoes
언제나 Dom Perignon Pink”
(Lyrics Credit to: 대성@bestiz)

See all those names there? Exactly. ;) Oh and also the ladies were seen wearing Beats By Dr Dre headphones. Yup those ones that you see GD wearing most of the times. The black and white ones were spotted in the MV. Also, T.O.P’s fav toy Bearbricks were also seen in it.

Beats by Dr Dre. Black and white versions seen here. :D I love those headphones!

We all know T.O.P loves Bearbrick. Well he decided to put it in his MV too. ;)

Check out the luxurious bags. Travel in style~

The car or T.O.P? As much as i love both, i’d have to say my eyes are averted to T.O.P. ♥

No rich man is complete without his bling and all things shiny like that car just now.

Bingu poster spotted! Yes it’s that adorable nickname of his!

I loved this part. We all know T.O.P has a hard time dancing. He says his body is kinda stiff. So it’s cute how he did a little dance here. Aww T.O.P~~

Spazz moment! T.O.P’s eye brow! He arched one side slightly towards the end of the video. And that smirk. Gah hotness overload!

To sum it up, it was an enjoyable MV with the classy, elegant, sexy, quirky, and cute factors mixed in all together. Not something that can be done easily. So a job well done T.O.P!

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  1. I had a major MAJOR fangirl moment after watching this music video. I love the whole feel and style of it. I completely agree with what was posted on allkpop about it:

    “With the music video’s monochrome concept and T.O.P’s laidback personality, this entire production is practically oozing sex appeal. While other idols flash their abs or sing ballad tracks to capture fans’ interest, this rapper proves that he can drive any girl crazy just by gazing at a camera while sitting in a chair… fully clothed.”

    Loving it.

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