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I went to Berjaya Times Square today for a shopping trip with my friend. Of course i had to stop by My Star Collection. So what’s so great about this shop? Well it may not be anything special to non-kpop fans, but this is definitely the ideal place to be if you are a fan! From various merchandise such as posters, keychains, accessories, light sticks and etc, this little shop definitely offers more than it seems. You can get various kpop albums there too. They can even help you get the album that you want as they directly import their stuff from Korea. I previously bought my “Heartbreaker” album from here which came along with a huge poster of GD. :)

I went there to check if they had Taeyang’s Solar Deluxe Album. I honestly did’nt think they had any since i heard that all the deluxe albums were sold out. But guess what? It was there! Buuuuut! It’s RM160, and there’s like only 1 or 2 left. Better go quickly if you wanna buy it. It’s probably one of the rare shops which still sells it. I also saw Big Bang’s “Tell Me Goodbye” Album too. But if i’m not mistaken it’s RM120. Then i checked out C.N Blue’s stuff. They only had “Bluetory” left as “Blue Love” was sold out. Bluetory is sold at RM60. It comes along with a black & white poster of them too. Pretty reasonable price for that one. :) There were a whole lot of other albums from other artists like 4minute, F.cuz, SNSD, FT Island, 2PM, and many more. So have fun shopping there. ;)

Update: They now have an online shop as well. Check it out here.

My Star Collection Trading
Lot 05-36, 5th Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-2144 7017
Email : mystar_trading@yahoo.com
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday  – 11.30am to 9pm

Comments on: "[Bloggings] My Star Collection, Berjaya Times Square" (141)

  1. Aina Super Junior said:

    is it at the 5th floor or 6th floor??cuz i went to berjaya times square last week to search for it cuz a fren at school said that the store is full of k-pop before i found your blog…

    • It should be at the 5th Floor. Good luck finding it and enjoy the kpop goodness. ;D There’s a lot of good stuff there. :)

  2. is there sold snsd beyond 9/jumper/snsd t-shirt???

    • I’m not sure about T-shirts. But i saw a couple of SNSD stuff there. Maybe you can try and contact them by phone or email? The details are there at the bottom of the post. :)

      • have sell snsd shirt in mv the boys? and 1st Official Photo Book “Holiday” Girls’ Generation (SNSD) [BOOK] ???

    • They sell the jumpers that SNSD wear in their “Girls’ Generation” MV :)

  3. coming home soon and cant wait to go to this shop, really hope they sell the things i want when i get there, thanks for the info!

  4. do they sell super junior and tvxq badges there ?

    • Yeah i think i remember seeing chibi TVXQ badges when i visited there last time. Not so sure about Super Junior though. ^^

  5. Cellia said:

    Yay… So happy i found this…!! ^^
    I can’t wait to go there XD
    I’ve been searching for this. Is there any ft island stuff??

    • I only went in the shop for a while to buy something, so i did’nt exactly get to see everything in the shop. But i’m pretty sure they have FT Island stuff. Go check it out kay, and do share with us what you saw there. :D

  6. what about B2ST stuff????? XDDD

    • I have’nt been to the shop recently, so i’m not sure. But i think they should have B2ST’s stuff there since they usually stock up on popular items. Drop by the store and check it out. ;)

      • yeay.. i went there last week.. and AWESOME… they should rent a much bigger shop.. the shop is too small for us who k-pop maniac… XDDD
        AND most of b2st stuff already finish.. huaa.. so sad.. =(

        • Haha yeah they should really expand and have a bigger shop. Aww too bad, maybe next time they’ll have more stock on the stuff. Did you get anything there? :)

  7. nayla said:

    em….. may i know the price prediction??? because, a lot of my friend trust to me to buy it…thank you….

    • Sorry i dunno. I’ve only been to the shop twice. ^^; The only thing i know is that they sell kpop stuff. You can try contacting the shop itself and ask about the price. Their contact details are up there in my post. ^_^

  8. Deana said:

    Is there anhy J-pop stuff?? Coz Imma j-pop fan… the card says that the stuff are been import from Japan, Korea, Taiwan n Hong Kong… So, plz answer my question…

  9. aisyah said:


  10. what time does the shop open ? :D is it open tmr (7/2/11)?

    • Lol i’m not sure. Maybe you can call up the store and ask them? The contact number is up there in my post. ;)

      The shop is open from Monday to Sunday – 11.30AM to 9PM. :)

  11. nayla said:

    yeah,….i’m wait too..hehe

    bcoz i must take off at 4.15 (malaysia time) i want go to there…hehe

  12. so glad i found your blog . finally i got the contact number . was worried that the number i got from their blog is old number. lol

    I went to Mystar once for GD&TOP album . it’s much more cheaper than ordering on9 ! free poster somemore … and im going again for Bigbang album.

    a VIP too ? xD

    • Hi Stephanie! Welcome to my blog. Glad this post was useful for you. xD

      Oh how much did you get your album for? I’m planning to go there again soon to get my JYJ Music Essay and Seungri’s VVIP album. :D

      And yes! I’m a proud VIP too. ;D

      • i got it for RM70 . if i order by mail . will be around RM80 something . so yeah, it’s worth to go there and grab those album.

        oh much u get for GD’s album there ? I was about to buy that too … lol

        oh yeah, the VVIP album too and also BIGBANG 4th MINI album !! hopefully they will have that on marccch !

        • Ah ic. Yeah that shop sells it for much cheaper than those online stores. :)

          You mean GD’s Heartbreaker album? I got it for RM73. ^_^

          Yup Big Bang’s 4th Mini Album is on my “to buy” list too! ♥

  13. ooh rm73 .. I saw it in ebay or some where. it’s over rm100 ! omggg ..

    the BB 4th mini album, we have to preorder over there first ?

    • Really? Omg that’s expensive. I recommend u to go to this shop instead then. ;) Hmm i’m not sure if they’re already taking pre-orders right now or not, but i suppose u can call them up and ask them? :)

  14. Atiq Hj Idris said:

    Hi chibimisao, just wanna ask if this store got Big Bang’s light stick and how much is it?

    • I’m not sure about that. Try checking with the shop owner. Their contact details are up there in my post. ^^ They update their items quite a lot so i’m not sure what they have in stock at the moment. ^^

  15. Baby Ice said:

    may i know the 原来是美男啊 ‘s 猪兔子 still available??

  16. Just to make sure, the shop is still there right? its been a week since i left them an email for item questions. They usually get back to me overnight :P just worrying, i cant check cuz im not in KL T_T

    • Yup the shop is still there. :)
      Hmm maybe they’ve been getting a lot of emails and it takes some time for them to reply?
      If you still don’t get a reply in the next few days, maybe you can call them up instead and ask about it. ;)

      • Ahah, i asked about the 4th album BB, next tuesday, hmm awesome!

        • Oh so they will have it in stock starting next Tuesday? Awesome! :D I hope to buy mines soon too. Just have’nt had the time to go there though.

        • yeap according to the email that i got, albums will be arriving on Tuesday next week, price will be revealed then, i am guessing it wouldnt go above the hundred mark, like most mini albums 75-85ish la, I HOPE XD

  17. @arif: Great! Thanks for sharing the info. ;) I’ve already seen what the album and poster looks like. Can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy. :D

  18. is it have stuff of ss501 and park jung min album?

    • They should have it i think. Just to make sure that they actually have it in stock before you visit the place, give them a call and see if they have it. ^^

  19. Hey thanks for the post =) I’ll be visiting the shop later after my college classes end at 5 =) Hope to get some wristbands and probably check out some SNSD posters there. 5th floor, aite? Hope it’s open

  20. hey,thanks for the information.it’s very useful ;-D

  21. i sent them an email, but they didnt reply. but i’ve been there before its just tht, i dont live in KL. GRR >,<

  22. luv_heechul said:

    is there sold suju t-shirt??hehe..luv suju so much!

    • Hi there. For questions about the products that they sell, please directly contact the shop through email or phone. Details are up there at the bottom of my post. :)

  23. natasha choiminhra said:

    at what floor is this??and its located between wat shop??

    • The details are up there in my post. ;) Lot 05-36, 5th floor. ^^

      • natasha choiminhra said:

        anyway thnx…but just wanna ask..my frend said dis shop is at 4th floor….but at here 5th floor…so it is at 5th floor…if wanna call them…will they pick?ahaha..lol…

        • As far as i know. It’s on the 5th floor and has always been there. ^^ I’ve had some people call them up before, and yes they do answer the phone. :)

  24. thnx yeah…really appreciate that…if we buy many will they ever give a discount?ehehe

  25. Hello! :)
    I’m not from Semenanjung, but I’m going to KL soon so I’ll be sure to drop by this shop :)
    I don’t wanna waste time looking for the shop so I just wanna ask, is this shop, um, easy to find? LOL.
    Can you tell me how do I get there? Like what shops are near it, or some other landmark so I know how to get there without getting lost HAHAHA :P

    • Hello Keira. Yes it’s quite easy to find. It’s at the 5th floor with the shop lot number 05-36. I don’t remember what shops were near it, but if you just look for the shop lot number, you can find it without a prob. If you’re still unsure, there’s a mall directory there which shows the shop layouts and you can locate the shop from there. :)

  26. does they sell small stuff such like KPOP name tag, button ?

  27. that would be great, thanks !! I gonna show off to my friends that I got KPOP stuff especially big bang..Joke joke…..heheeh

  28. ok..thnx so much…u are fanatic with big bang is it? who u like the most big bang?

    • Haha yeah i’m a big fan of BigBang. ;D I really do like them all. But if i had to choose 1 person, it would be T.O.P. Choi Seunghyun~ ♥

  29. Devil~Zero123 said:

    hi…i want to ask…do you sell any vita500 vitamin C drinks…?

    • Hello. :) You mean that energy drink endorsed by SNSD?
      I’m not the owner of the shop. I’m just a fellow blogger who blogs about kpop. But as far as i know, the shop only sells albums and merchandise. No food/drinks. ^^

  30. hi chingu ^^ do you know the kpop shop near hotels in bukit bintang? i know it from my friend but she forgot the name of that shop, and i want to go there someday (btw i’m from indonesia kkk) many thanks for your answer^^

    • Hello there. :) I think your friend is referring to the shop that i mentioned in this post which is “My Star Collection Trading”. As stated in my post, it’s located inside Berjaya Time Square shopping mall which is within the Bukit Bintang area. ;) So it should be convenient for you to shop there if your hotel is around Bukit Bintang too. Hope that helps. ^^

  31. do they sell or rent korean or japan school uniform??

    • Hi Rafhana. As far as i know, i don’t think they sell korean/japanese uniforms. They mostly sell albums and certain jpop/kpop merchandise. But you can always give them a call just to make sure. Their phone number is up there in my post. ;)

  32. nodame said:

    hey…i just arrive at sabah from vacation at kl right now..thanks to your blog i found that kpop shop..im really happy!!! the price is affordable and i bought mostly BigBang stuff like t-shirt and badges because im fan of them..=) so yeah its cool..

  33. minsuk said:

    did they sell shinee’s item there???

    • I’m not quite sure. But i think it should be there since Shinee is a popular group. So go check out the store k. :)

  34. can you tell me how much about snsd 1st concert into the new would concert DVD

    • Hi. :) I’m not sure about the price of those items. It’s best if you call them up and ask about it. Their phone number is provided up there in my post. ^^

  35. blogwalker said:

    do they have an online website i can visit ? O:

    • Well they recently started an online shop as well. But i’m not sure if the items on the online store is the same as the offline one. But you can go check it out anyway. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/tB0TBa

      • Hello there. Sorry to interrupt but I couldn’t visit their online shop. Do they have their own blog or Facebook page?

  36. THANK U SO MCH, u jst saved my life thnk u thnk u thnk u!!!!!!

  37. kim mee said:

    d0 they sell infinite stuff ? <3

    • Sorry i’m not sure about that. You can try asking them directly by calling them at the phone number given up there in my post. Or you can just email them about it and they will answer you soon. :)

  38. inspirit said:

    my friend said we have to be members if we want to enter this shop . is it true ?

    • Nope you don’t have to. Anyone is allowed to go to the shop lol. It’s just that they have a membership card that you can subscribe to and then you will get discounts on their items. About the price for membership, I can’t really remember, but you can contact them to clarify about it (Email/Phone). ^_^

  39. @chibimisao , thank you so much ! I went to Times Square before and I’ve been searching for this shop all over the building ~
    do they sell any FTISLAND’s album ?
    how much would a name tag costs ?

    • You’re welcome! :) Yes I do remember them having FTIsland albums. But i’m not sure which one is currently available. Not sure about the name tag price either. So try and call the shop and ask them about it. I’m sure they will gladly answer your questions. :)

  40. Kuah Jian Ho said:

    Hi. I wonder if is there any SNSD poster?

    • Hi there. :) I’m pretty sure they sell a number of SNSD stuff. But I don’t know if they have their posters. You could call up the shop and check if they have what you’re looking for. ^^

  41. Do you think that they already start selling the latest SHINee first japanese album?

    • They are quite up-to-date with the albums. But just to make sure, I think you should call them up and ask them about it. Good luck! :)

  42. Syairah said:

    do they sell stuff from Korea artiste that album are hard to find in Malaysia? I’ve been searching for some album for some solo singer but didn’t find one yet..

    • Yes they do. The store owner once told me that if they don’t have the album in stock at their place, they could order the specific album from Korea and notify me when it is available in their shop. So if you’re looking for a particular album which is hard to get here in Malaysia, you could just order it from them and they’ll import it for you. :) Try calling them for more details. ;)

      • Syairah said:

        aww I went there yesterday and too bad I didn’t notice your reply regarding the ‘we can order specific item’, if not, surely I’ll ask them about it. Looks like I’ll have to go to KL again next month.Thanks for all your help :)

      • Syairah said:

        do we need to put the number 6 in front of 03-2144 7017? I tried to call it with the number 6 but it didn’t reach them. I tried to call without the number 6 and it works but I didn’t dare to continue.

        • Nope you just dial 03-21447017. You only need to add the 6 in front of it if you are calling from outside Malaysia. :)

  43. do they sell kpop school bag ? i really want a kpop school bag :[

    • Hmm i’m not too sure about that. Last time I went there I didn’t notice any kpop bags. But that was long ago. Maybe things have changed now. So you can call the store and ask about it. ^^

  44. do they sell 2NE1 poster? very hard to find.. hehe thanks anyway

    • I did see a couple of posters while I was there. But not sure if they have 2NE1 posters. Call them up and ask if they have any in stock. ;)

  45. hello , do they sell SNSD item or album ?

    • Yup they sell SNSD stuff too. But i’m not sure what kinda items are currently available at the shop. Visit the shop and see if there’s anything you like there. ;)

  46. Hi…are there any 2pm things there??

  47. Jia Choi said:

    Hi, is the shop still open? I’m not from Malaysia so it’s kinda difficult to keep up with the store >.<

  48. b2st korean fiz said:

    whats about the price ? is that cheap ? or expensive ? or what ?

    • Compared to buying from online blogshops, it is a bit more expensive I suppose. That’s because they have to pay rent for the physical store. But it’s still a reasonable price though. :)

  49. what time the that store open?
    is there anything infinite’s things there?
    i’m kind of curious about that~
    i’m inspirit of course

    • “Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 11.30am to 9pm”

      They sell just about any album from all kinds of korean artists/bands. So i’m pretty sure they have Infinite’s stuff as well. So just drop by the shop and have a look. ^^

  50. Darren said:

    hi, i wanna ask if i call the store to see whether got what i want, can order through online or direct call to the store to help me reserve for me or how?????

    • If i’m not mistaken, you can give them a call and tell them what you want, then they will take a certain amount of deposit from you. After that they will order it and once the item arrives, then you pay the full amount.

      You can just give a call to the shop and ask them about the process in detail. :)

  51. Anis Syahira said:

    Is they have exo-k & exo-m mama mini album posters?? I desperate for this posters everyway but not found. Only in the internet but I’m still 17 years old so I cannot shop online and my parents doesn’t trust online shopping..

    • They should have most of the popular kpop albums. If you wanna know what they have in stock, you can give them a call or send them an email. ;)

  52. hi :)can i ask something?
    can this shop receive japan album order?

    • Hi. Yes I think they do accept Japan album orders. But just to make sure, you can call them up and ask them personally. ;)

  53. daniellky said:

    hi ~ are you the owner of this shop ?

  54. nurhana hassan said:

    how much the kpop posters??

    • nurhana hassan said:

      i want sj, infinite, shinee, exo-m and exo-k albums and posters.
      do they have them??

    • Sorry i’m not sure if they have those posters. Please contact the shop owner to confirm whether they have it or not and also for the price listing. The contact info is in my blog post above. ;)

  55. Joyce lim said:

    Hello. :) how r u? I’m Joyce lim. Can i order from u jang keun suk iPhone 4s covers. And how much is the prices. Can u send to me. If I buy from . Delivery. :)

    • Hello Joyce. I’m not the owner of the shop. Im just simply blogging about it. So if you’re interested to purchase any items from the shop, please contact them directly via email or telephone as listed in the post above. ^^

  56. are they sell justin bieber things ?? my friend tell me that my star collection have sell justin bieber things ??

    • Hi i’m not too sure if they sell any of Biebers’ stuff. But the last time I checked (which was a long time ago), they only sell kpop, jpop and cpop stuff. ^^

  57. RachelKim said:

    Yeah, this is great! The only thing is the goods there are like totally EXPENSIVE! A JYJ note book with Jae on it’s cover is RM95?!OMG…I’ll be broke after I bought it…..after all I’m still schooling

  58. norhamizah kamarudin said:

    hello, I want to ask Big Bang light stick for sale and do not have any?

  59. Lee Hui Jun said:

    do they sell snsd taeyeon peas in a pod and mblaq things

  60. nad jotwins said:

    i want BOYFRIEND stuff..like album..photocard..poster..do they have it..??

  61. hi, can you guide me to your store? thought of going there for some kpop merchandise…

  62. Do they sell the BIGBANG crown stick? If they do can someone tell me the price?? Tq

  63. zelo lover said:

    do they sell B.A.P stuff? you know like album, bags or something?

  64. melanie said:

    do they have t-shirts and hoodies?

  65. mystar shop have a t shirt and caps running man …..n beg,earphone teentop..have or no

  66. is there hv bap or exo’s hoodies? i really want to buy them! please answer my question

  67. exotic said:

    is there sold any EXO stuff??

  68. OMG, hi!!! i just want to drop by here and say thank you for point out this info! it really helpful… previously i was only thought that only speedy store sells it… and i’m really searching out for other store related to it… but it turns out mostly were online shopping which are not my preferences… because i was looking for GOT7 album hehe~ well anyway, again thanks~ just found out your blog~ ^^

  69. aqilah said:

    why i cant go through when i click ‘here’ for the online shop? :'(

  70. niesha said:

    Beast album time price?

  71. Nurlisa Akiro said:

    Is there has sold any of BTS & BAP stuff?? Sorry for broken english..

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