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Was all what everybody screamed at the night of the 24th of July in Zeche, Bochum. Gackt standing there with a sword made an awesome show. A part of the viewer there said it was too much the other said it was not enough. For me, I wished he would talk more to his fans at that night. Anyways. Zeche isn’t big. Is somehow not that small but still is not that huge. So before the concert I began standing with Minachi in the 4th row. But then we got in the 3rd row and then me alone went in the 2nd row between the first row.


I was holding my Gackt-fan which I’ve bought last year from the Nicon convention in Hannover, so our lovely Mita knew where me and Minachi were standing:D

Another funny thing & why I really freaked out was :

You know all those fangirls saying : I saw Gackt. Or He smiled to me. Or He touched my hand. & bla bla…but that all didn’t happened. All that happened,which was awesome, was that Chacha came a little close and since my right arm was up with a Gackt-fan he looked at it and smiled and then made the rock-symbol with his hand in front of my Gackt-fan like wanting to tell me: Put your other hands up too and make the rock sign! & I did! He laughed. I was happy! :D Later then Chachamaru ‘squirted’ water into the front, and said: my glasses were wet & I saw through my glasses 3 Gackts :D Funny! Like it wasn’t enough, Gackt did the same then later again! Now let me tell you something about Gackt himself. He did strip. Yes. & I wish he would throw his shirt more to the back because Mina my dear got the whole fans from the back pushing her hard to the front. Everyone wanted G-sama’s goddamn shirt. So my poor Mina was like OMG! HINA!!! I try to put her with myself, sadly it didn’t work out so Mina told me she is going to the side to where Mita was. Gackt was wearing the white muscle-shirt and his hair were the same but he had 3 ‘dreadlocks’ on the left side… He looked good.  One of those things which goes on my nervs, and later was totally illogical,was Gackt saying: SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ME! at that part I thought ok. But then: SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO FUCK ME! then I was just like: WTF? Did you drink a little too much?

Then after Jesus, everyone got their Light-Sticks. He turn around and was just like OMG! Mita then later told me that it seems to be that in München it wasn’t that awesome. That some put the lights earlier and such. So I was glad that it worked out in Bochum & we made a good Final. Another really funny thing was that there was that STAFF guy who had a camera. When we were waiting outside, he came out to take pics. So I’ve put my Gackt-fan right in front of him and he was just like : OHH!PHOTO! :D:D:D Next day Mita&Mina told me :


He was eating nutella the whole time for breakfast :) Such a cutie:D I wonder where these pics might get to~ Yeah I think that’s all what I wanna share and that’s all i’ve got at 9Am in my mind. I am still ill, everything hurts and yes: the concert goods SUCKS! They really did! I mean who the hell writes on a concert-tshirt : FUCK YOU ?! Hello? That was really the point where the three of us shaked our heads in disbelief! More maybe coming soon : )


So there you go. My friend, Hina was nice enough to make this special report on the concert for me. ♥ Looks like she had an amazing night with her friends there even though the concert goods were a bit surprising lol. Thanks again Hina for sharing! :D

Fanaccount and pics by: hina-push.blogspot.com
Shared by: purpleminds.wordpress.com

Comments on: "[Fanaccount] Gackt YFC Concert in Bochum" (5)

  1. sure! :) I’ll make sure to write more :) since there happened a lot more! & I’ve got pics from friends of gackt out of the tour bus!

  2. Silvia said:

    it was so funny reading you’re report!! By the way, I think I saw you from the lateral balcony, LOL, I remember your fan!!

  3. @Hina: Thanks so much! I’ll be looking forward to that too! ♥

    @Silvia: Lol it’s cool how you saw my friend, Hina there. :D The fan is that noticeable huh? xD

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