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It was finally THE day! I was super excited the night before. I dunno if it was the crazy heat or my excitement over the concert, but i really just could’nt sleep the night before. I’m gonna be seeing JYJ in the flesh!!! That’s like a dream come true! Got up early in the morning at around 7.30. Got prepared and made my way to the train station. I reached Stadium Negara by 11am and already saw a bunch of people gathered there. The place was flooded with reds. There i met up with my friends and took some group pics and also pics of the banners there. A lot of YooSu banners were spotted!

Then later on we joined the queue. Queuing was hell! Blazing heat and being sandwiched between sweaty sticky people is not a pleasant experience at all! We were in queue for about 2 hours (minus the other 2 hours spent under the sun waiting around for the queue gate to be opened). Worst of all, it suddenly poured down with heavy rain. By this time the doors of the stadium were already opened but the ticketing people were so slow with scanning the barcodes. At this time the crowd behind me went crazy and pushed us like really hard until it was difficult to breathe! Luckily i’m not so short, so i still had some  breathing space. But omg i got wet from the rain!!! Luckily i was’nt so soaking wet like the people behind me because i managed to get under the covered area before it really started pouring. I was holding my ticket the entire time and yes it got wet!! I was so worried that i might accidentally rip it because well it’s just a piece of paper and it’s really tear-able at this point. D: Luckily i managed to avoid from ripping it apart. And swiftly made my way into the stadium searching for a good seat. My friend and i secured a good place somewhere in the middle of the free sitting area on the left side of the stadium.
As soon as we sat down i took out my camera and started taking pics of the fans inside the stadium. I saw a sea of red lightsticks glowing and being waved around! It was an awesome sight! :D Oh and there was even a flashy YunJae banner inside the stadium. LOL! I wonder what Jae thought when he saw that. xD The words were lighted up in blue!! Check out my pictures below. ;) Soon after, the screens started showing a clip of JYJ. Screams were heard throughout the stadium, and that’s when i saw him for the first time with my own 2 eyes!! Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu were walking down the stairs next to the stage preparing to get on the stage. And this was happening over at our side of the stadium!! Fangirls were screaming like crazy (yes including me! :P). They then suddenly slowly appeared from under the stage by 3 elevator-like stuff. Their entrance are always so cool. :’D Again crazy loud screams were echoing through the stadium! First song they sang was “Empty“. Can’t remember much about what they were wearing. But i do remember Jae wearing this black  sleeveless low cut v-neck shirt. So hottt!!! I can see his awesome muscles. *__*

Next was:
Be My Girl: Ok i’m Jae-biased. So i just watched him most of the times. I noticed this really hot move that he pulled off in this song which involves some hip flexing. Omg that move is like so……. *nosebleed*. It’s cute how he acts sexy but is all shy about it. My friend who was sitting at the VIP area saw his face close up and said that he had this shy expression whenever he had to pull off that kinda move. D’aaaaww cute!! :3

Chajatta (Found You): The only korean song that they sang that day. Loved this part because all the fans sang along at certain parts and chanted out their names too! Like when Yoochun sang his part, the fans all called out “Park Yoo Chun!” <–at the same time in a synchronized manner. Same thing with Junsu and Jaejoong. “Kim Jun Su!“….”Kim Jae Joong!

Ayyy Girl: Don’t remember much about this one. Just that everyone was screaming loudly because this is the feature song of the album. :D

Empty (Remix): This was their final song for the day. This song really got everyone hyped up! Yoochun asked everyone to get up and jump to the song (which everyone did!). I think everyone really enjoyed this song the most. It was so awesome! :’D Oooh and guess what? I think Junsu accidentally called his backup dancer U-Know! There’s this part where the dancers were like breakdancing and Junsu said “Go U-Know!“. Aww someone misses someone. ;) ;) Go check it out in my fancam of Empty Remix. It’s at around 02:20.

There was also a bit of an interview session.
The host was Serena C. I don’t really remember about this one. So i’ll just write down what i do remember. Serena asked the boys what they have been doing recently. Yoochun answered that he was busy with his drama “Sungkyun Kwan Scandal”. Junsu said he was busy with his musical “Mozart” while Jaejoong said he was working on a new drama in Japan. Throughout the whole interview part it seemed like Yoochun was the only one answering and so Serena then diverted her attention to the quiet duo at that time (Junsu & Jaejoong). She asked Junsu whether the Malaysian girls are hot! xD Junsu’s translator was kinda slow in translating it, and so with an almost confused-like expression, he just said “yes!!” *fangirls screaming and cheering at this point* LOL! Then it was Jaejoong’s turn to answer and he made this cute pondering kinda expression. Serena then cut in and said “the girls are gonna be sad if you don’t say yes!”. Then Jaejoong smiled and said Malaysian girls are hot! Then he added, but the Malaysian weather is hotter! <—Hahaha.

Later on Serena asked them when they will be coming back to Malaysia after this. Yoochun replied that they’ll be back for a concert next year. Then Serena asked them when and at this point Yoochun was like translating to Jaejoong. Then Jaejoong replied “summa”….which he meant summer. Lol i love his cute English pronunciation (Oh ok i admit it i just love everything about him kay). *fangirls cheering loudly* Then Serena said “But Malaysia is always in summer! Then we will be seeing you a lot!”. The boys just smiled at this. xD So there you have it. They’ll be back in summer next year for a concert!!! Oh and i don’t remember exactly when Serena asked this, but she asked them to use some phrases with the word “lah”. So Yoochun was like “i miss you lah~” and Jaejoong was like “I love you lah~ Malaysia“….”Saranghae lah~~“. Again fan screams shrilling throughout the stadium. ;) ;)

The showcase ended at around 4pm. So basically the whole thing was like less than an hour. That’s right. I paid more than 200bucks to see them for less than an hour. But you know what? I still think it was worth it despite withstanding the long queue in the sun & rain and also for paying that much. Their performance really made up for it! ♥

After the showcase my friend and i stopped over at the Rockcorner booth where they were still selling the albums. I was previously determined not to use up any more of my money that day. But then i was like what the heck. Just grab it! And thus i got myself the album + free poster. Met a lot of Cassies along the way back too. The trains were full of reds kay~ xD  Came back home feeling really tired but super happy! It was an awesome awesome AWESOME day! I sure hope i can attend next years concert! :’D

Some of my fancams that i’ve uploaded are here at: chibimisao @ Youtube

Fanaccount and pics by: chibimisao @ purpleminds.wordpress.com

Comments on: "[Fanaccount + Pics] JYJ Showcase Malaysia" (4)

  1. the yoosu banners are so cute XD lol n of course the flashy yunjae one. i wonder what jae felt too. dunno since its kinda sensitive n his nervous uncomfortableness at the thailand showcase when a fan shout out yunho >.<

    lol su must miss yun too. but it might be out of habit since they are always together cute mistake though ^^

    • Lol i actually did’nt realize that the blue letters meant “YunJae” until someone told me about it. xDD Haha i bet Jae was touched after seeing it. :’D

      Yeah he’s probably so used to saying that. Jaejoong and Yoochun probably also heard him say that. I wonder if they talked about it after the showcase.

  2. Awww someone had fun x 3
    I really wish them ALL the best.
    To say the true somehow I don’t like jae’s face in the ”poster”
    it’s so dark-make up .__. but jae is truely a good looking one.
    But you know I love changmin over everything in the kpop’s xD

    I like your fan a lot *__* I hope they come to germany too!

    • Lol yeah i had an amazing time there. <3
      And yeah Jae would look better with less eyeliner there. But still hot anyways. <3 <3

      Hehe of course i remember your love for Changmin. ;D

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