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[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-kx%5DSo after releasing their shocking teaser for the MV, the real deal is finally here! And what do we get? A matured version of the jiggy boys! Yup you actually get to hear their vocals properly without all the autotune stuff. They also have a new look which is more of a clean-cut elegant style as compared to their brightly colored jiggy days. Though Jiggy was a fun song, it did’nt really make use of their vocals. So i’m glad they managed to show that here in this song. Oh and btw, the MV is so much more of a toned down version of the teaser. What i mean is in terms of the girls and their…uh “you know what” scenes. And i’m glad they toned it down. Really REALLY glad! I also like the backdrop and its classy design. Their costumes also look great. Anyone thought of DBSK’s Mirotic? Sleek black jackets with bare chests. ;) ♥

Song-wise, i think it’s pretty good. But not the “oh my god i gotta have this!!” kinda song. More like “yeah it was ok”. I’m still looking forward to hear the rest of the songs from their album though. Maybe i’ll find something that i would end up liking more. :)

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