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I’ve previously blogged about their MV, Midnight Venus, and now they’ve released their full album. So i’ll continue off with the rest of their songs and comment a bit with my thoughts on it. ;)


This one was pretty good. Lol but somehow it reminded me of MJ’s song at that part where they sang “Beat it!”. <–not sure if this what they said. But it sure sounded like it.

Friend’s Graduation

This one is actually a fun and happy kinda song. Well that’s the kinda vibe that i get from it. One of my favs from the album. <3


Probably my fav from the whole album. It has a clubbing kinda vibe to it and is very addictive after a couple of listens. Love it! :D

It’s Ok

This one is more of a ballad-like song with a sideline of some rap parts in it towards the end. Nice to hear them singing ballads once in a while. :)

Overall the album has a new feel to it and focuses more on their vocal skills. This album definitely shows a different side of the boys and proves that they’re not only a pretty face, but also one who can sing well. ;) They definitely have improved a lot since their debut. ;D

News Source: Allkpop
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