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[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-kM%5D Hey all! I’ve recently opened up a tumblr account for the site. So some of you may be wondering how i use these various accounts. So i’ll give a brief description on that.

Consider this as the main base. xD All the main updates on my bloggings, news, graphic designs, and etc are posted here. Basically anything and everything i update will be posted here.

Live Journal
This is where i update ONLY my graphic designs. So you will find my various wallpapers, twitter layouts, icons and etc here. As mentioned earlier, these graphic designs would also be posted at the main site on wordpress.

This is where i post all the other stuff which i find not important enough to be posted on the main site. It’ll mostly contain funny photos, very short posts and a lot of random stuff. Feel free to spazz over here. xD

This is an important tool i use to communicate my updates. Every new update is centrally posted onto my twitter. This means if i post any updates on my wordpress, livejournal, or tumblr, it’ll be updated on my twitter too. So it’s convenient to follow me here and get updates from them all.

Comments on: "[Announcement] Site’s Twitter, LiveJournal, & Tumblr" (2)

  1. Your designs are so amazing! And I love the layout here. :D

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