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YG artists swept up most of the awards that night. 2NE1 (including Park Bom’s solo song) won 5 awards, Taeyang with 1 award and Gummy with 2 awards. JYP artists also did rather well with Miss A scoring 2 awards, and 2PM with 3 awards. However similar to last years MAMA, there were a lack of SM artists. A number of them were nominated such as Super Junior, BoA, SHINee and SNSD. But they did not grab a single award which had a number of fans expressing their frustration on twitter. Boices (CN.Blue fans) were also frustrated over the fact that the “Best New Male Artist” award was cancelled, as they had high hopes on CN.Blue scoring that award. Some even stated MAMA=Missing Artists, Missing Awards. Although i understand and kinda agree with what they said, but nonetheless, i think most of the artists who won that night deserved it. So congrats to them.

Performance wise, Big Bang and 2NE1 totally rocked it out on stage. 2NE1 performed “Follow Me” and “Clap your Hands” while Big Bang hit it off with Taeyang’s “Break Down, “I Need a Girl”, T.O.P’s “Turn It Up”, and Hallelujah. Too bad Daesung and Seungri could’nt make it to the event, but the trio delivered a strong performance anyway. I especially liked Taeyang’s performance of “I Need A Girl” as he walked up to Dara and took her up on stage to dance with him. Big Bang’s performance of “Hallelujah” was amazing too with all the dramatic scenes of them pointing guns at each other. As for Wonder Girls, they made a grand entrance on what appears to be cloth hanging from the ceiling. They sang “So Hot”, “2 Different Tears” and “Nobody”. It was an enjoyable show and i wish i was able to tune in earlier rather than only after half way through the show. But i’m thankful i managed to watch the performances which i was really looking forward to. :)

Here’s the full list of the winners:

Artist of The Year: 2NE1
Album of The Year: 2NE1 (To Anyone)
Song of The Year: miss A
Female Rookie Award: miss A
Best Dance Performance (Male): 2PM – I’ll Be Back
Best Asia New Artist: iMe
Best Digital Single: Park Bom – You and I
Best Asian Pop Artist: Perfume
Female Group Award: 2NE1
Male Singer Award: Taeyang
Best Rap Performance: DJ Doc – I’m This Kind of Person
Best Vocal Performance (Solo): Gummy – Because You’re A Man
Best Asia Artist: Zhang Jie
Male Group Award: 2PM
Best Dance Performance (Solo): Rain – Love Song
Best Band Performance: Hot Potato – Hot Confession
Best Dance Performance (Female): miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
Best International Artist: Far East Movement
The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award: 2PM
Best Music Video: 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
Female Singer Award: Gummy
Best R&B Group: Chemistry

And below are some of the screenshots i took. :D For videos of the performances, a quick search on youtube should bring you to a number of them.

Full winners list source: allkpop
Screenshots & blog post: PurpleMinds @ wordpress

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