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As a thanks to all my followers, i will be giving 3 of my lucky followers a custom made twitter layout. That means you get to choose how you want your layout to be (the colors, pictures, etc). Yup personalized.  :D Just make sure it’s appropriate for general viewing and is related to jpop/jrock/kpop.

How to join:

  1. Follow me on twitter @purple_minds
  2. Retweet (Click the “tweet” button at the bottom of this post)
  3. Comment here in this post with the following details:
  • Name:
  • Your twitter url:

Read this:

  • You may only post and enter once. Double post will be deleted.
  • Anyone may join as long as you follow me on my twitter account. This also includes fansites and blogs.
  • If you’re not already following me on twitter, you can add me now and join in.
  • If you have any questions about this giveaway, please directly ask me through my twitter or through email.
  • I would appreciate it if you help me spread the word about this giveaway. :)
  • When retweeting or tweeting to me, make sure that you unlock your account so that i can see your tweet.


  • By 25th December 2010
  • Winners will be selected randomly through a randomized system.

Samples of layouts i’ve made:

Comments on: "[Twitter Layout][Giveaway] PurpleMinds Xmas Giveaway!" (17)

  1. Name: Lynn
    Twitter Url: http://twitter.com/Azlynn_Andy

  2. * Name: amy
    * Your twitter url: http://twitter.com/kuryuki

  3. * Name: Mimz
    * Your twitter url: http://twitter.com/Mimzy715

  4. Name: Ashihana
    Your twitter url: http://twitter.com/#!/Ashihana

  5. Name: Luna
    Your twitter url: http://twitter.com/#!/LivyLuna

  6. i love bigbang!!!!! wanna the custom BIGBANG Christmastime give or JYJ please!!!

    • Lol if u you’re one of the winners, i can make any one of those for you. So be sure to join in by following the instructions in the post. :)

  7. dieu huong said:

    Name: Huong
    Your twitter url: http://twitter.com/#!/The_little_pear

  8. marissa said:

    Name: Marissa
    Twitter URL: http://twitter.com/Iszchun

  9. * Name: Ngoc
    * Your twitter url: http://twitter.com/#!/saranghaeDBSK

  10. Youjuchan said:

    Name: Brigitte
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/_youjuch1ngu_

  11. Jessica said:

    Name: Jessica
    Twitter url: http://twitter.com/jwong771

  12. Name: Nikki Mariz
    Your twitter url: http://twitter.com/fuu_nk

  13. […] to everyone who participated in my Christmas Giveaway. ♥ So after generating 3 random numbers from Random.org, the 3 winning entrants are @Ashihana, […]

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