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Haha this was totally unplanned actually. Ok so here’s what happened. I found this scan below and thought “omg so pretty!”.

But then i was disappointed to see that there was a big crease going down the middle of the pic and there were writings all over the top left corner. :/ So i decided to make my own wallpaper! I cut out Jae on photoshop, did some editing to remove the creases down the middle of the pic and used a random pic of colorful leaves i found on the net for the background. Blended the two together with the power of photoshop and added in his name. Tada! A wallpaper that fits my screen perfectly. Yay! :D There’s two sizes to choose from. So choose the one that fits your screen the best. :)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Only for personal use

Download: ||1280×800||1440×900||

Comments on: "[Wallpaper] Jaejoong" (7)

  1. Dante... Vergito said:

    Is that him for real? From which magazine was this picture came from?

  2. thank you soooooomuch
    ps:i love the snow thingy ^^

  3. OHHHH EV! THANKS!!! ^_^ I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS!!! I only have the small avatar back then! LOL!!! TQ TQ TQ ♥

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