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[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-mT%5DIt’s the cold snowy season in Korea now, and what better way to spend your day than snowboarding and skiing at the ski resort? :D Well that’s what Micky Yoochun, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Se7en have been doing. Lol before you get excited thinking that they all went together, they did not go together. The ones that went together were GD, Taeyang and Se7en. Yoochun went with Gun Young and some other guys.

Yoochuns 1st pic was posted by him through his twitter on the 9th of December, while the 2nd & 3rd pics were posted on Gun Youngs twitter account on the 11th of December. As for GD and Taeyang’s pic, it was posted on Se7en’s Me2Day on the 9th of December.  So that means both groups were possibly at a ski resort on the 9th! I dunno how long they’ve been there at the resort, and i have no idea whether it’s the same resort they all went to, but just imagine if they were all in the same place at the same time. Omg how cool would that be? :D As far as i know, Korea has quite a lot of Ski Resorts. I’ve been kinda researching on it since i’m planning to visit one soon. ^^ The popular big resorts are located in Gangwon-do and there are also a number of good ones nearby Seoul. Check out a full list of the Ski Resorts here. There’s also free shuttle service provided (during a limited time) to a number of ski resorts for foreign tourists. You can read up more about that here.

Source: @6002theMicky @zerotic0124 & Se7en’s Me2Day
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