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So today was finally the day for the world premiere. It started at 5pm (KST) on Big Bang’s youtube channel. I watched the whole thing with a group of vips from the iBB chat. These guys definitely made the whole thing more interesting.

As much as i loved TOP and GD, the premiere was’nt as exciting as i thought it would be. Ok don’t start throwing bricks at me now. I was expecting them to do a performance for us live. But most of the times it was just the MC asking them questions in between showing us a preview of each song. And that was all. Oh and did i mention that the MC was really dull and boring? :( And also the laggy connection of the stream really got annoying. Especially like how it did’nt lag at the Q&A parts, but only lagged when they were playing the songs. Yeah at those important parts! D:

The highlight of the whole event was probably just the fact that we get to see TOP and GD and also hear their new songs. Some of which caught my attention right away were such as “Oh Mom” and “Obsession“. They also showed the High High MV twice which of course we did’nt mind at all. Because it was really hot. ♥ I wish they had prepared a translator during the Q&A session though. :( Since most of us in the chat had no idea what they were saying, we just entertained ourselves by “making up” the conversations lol. I managed to take some screencaps of it. Check it out~

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