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How many of you are watching this drama? I’ve been kinda addicted to it actually. I kinda only started watching this because i like Jang Geun Suk. I’ve been watching his dramas ever since he acted in “You’re Beautiful” and i was’nt gonna miss this one either. But after watching this series, i’ve started to like the other male lead even more which is Kim Jae Wook who plays the character known as Jung-In.

I love Jung-In’s cool character. He’s really sweet & thoughtful too. :) Lol but sometimes i think he’s too nice for his own good. xD

Now Mu-Kyul (Jang Geun Suk) is a nice guy too. But sometimes i think he takes Mae-Ri for-granted and is kinda short-tempered as compared to the cool-tempered Jung-In. As for his style, i often thought that he looked like Hyde (L’arc en Ciel) in particular. Especially with that hairstyle and rocker clothes. Similar right?

Other than Hyde, this particular screenshot made me think of T.OP (Big Bang). Yup that’s Jang Geun Suk (Mu-Kyul) on the left. ;) I think what makes them look similar here is the angle where this shot was taken, and also those eyes. Not as intense as T.O.P’s eyes but almost. See the similarity? :)

I’ve watched 11 episodes so far and i’m still very much into this drama. Can’t wait to watch the next episode. And btw i’m rooting out for Jung-In and Mae-Ri though i find that VERY unlikely to happen. :( But oh well Mae-Ri and Mu-Kyul make a good couple too. ^^ For those of you who have’nt watched this yet, do give it a try. ;)

Comments on: "[Bloggings] Kdrama: Mary Stayed Out All Night" (8)

    OMGOSH U WILL LOVE IT MORE BETTER THAN YB i guess???? i been wait for the ep to be upload like crazy during ep1..lol

    • Haha yeah it’s a really nice drama! <3 I started watching it when there were about 9 episodes released, and i watched all 9 episodes on that day! Lol i could'nt help it. And yeah i've already watched up to episode 11 as well. I'm totally gonna watch ep 12 as soon as it's up with english subs. ;)

      Out of the two guys which one do you prefer? :D

      • ariel5548 said:

        erms that a hard question lol kidding i prefer JGS (Mu-Kyul)
        from the very start but Jae Wook seems fine too… i think JGS suit her better.. u??
        dw, iamm like that too a show with 11 ep i finish in a dae.. BRAVO to us !!!!
        oh yahs watch jap drama u like?? i watch gokusen long time ago and i sd love gokusen season2 and the movie but kame acted lots other show which is nicest?? iam so going back into jpop alrds cries~~

        • Yeah and it seems like Mu-Kyul is gonna end up with her anyway. ^^

          I’ve watched Gokusen before too. Actually i watched the anime first, then the drama. I thought it was ok, but i enjoyed the anime more. :) Haha yeah me too. I’ve started getting back into jpop which i’ve left behind quite some time ago. Just realized how much i’m missing out.

        • ariel5548 said:

          rly nope i onli watch the drama one… serious the amine was nice??! lols m2m2 i am now totally hard on jpop now !!!
          oh yahs, any idea where to watch j drama??? most web are broken esp some of mysoju links… cos i wanted to rewatch kame shows… lol :xx

        • Yup i like the anime better. I kinda think the jokes are communicated better in the anime. But i guess that’s just a personal preference.

          I watch all my kdrama and jdrama on dramacrazy.net. You can try that. :)

  2. ariel5548 said:

    ÕK TKS x))) really i watch drama than maybe the anime
    did u watch kame shows b4 like the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge???

    • You’re welcome. :) Haha i’ve watched far more animes than i have with dramas. So i’ve only seen the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge anime. ^^

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