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So i’m back from my trip in Korea, and this is one of the albums which i bought while i was there. I bought this one from Hottracks in Kyobo Bookstore in Jamsil. The original price tag was 16,500won. But when i went to the counter to pay for it, the amount was only 14,220won. I think i got a discount or something. xD Lol i dunno…the receipt is in Korean. ^^;

So anyways the album has a booklet inside with their pics and lyrics. There’s also a pamphlet in it about the YG Family Card, an event, and also an ad about their Beats by Dr Dre headphones. It’s all in Korean, so unless you know the language, it really is’nt anything important. ^^ Oh and the YG Family card is included as well. I still have’nt opened mines. In fact i’m not really quite sure what it’s used for and how to use it, but i’ll check up on that later. ;) Lastly the album comes with one random poster. They have 2 versions. One is a blue-ish white one of GD&TOP while the other is the one with them in animal prints. Which is the one i got. ^^

I’ve noticed that the price of music albums vary from shop to shop. I was at Bupyeong mall the other day and a shop was selling it for only 13,500won, while i found mines at Hottracks for 14,220won. It was even more expensive at this music store in Incheon Airport. They sold it for 20,000won if i remember correctly. ^^; So if you’re planning on buying it, make sure you check up the prices at a couple of stores first before buying. ^^ Here’s a video i’ve done showing the contents of the album. :)

Comments on: "[Overview] GD&TOP Album + Poster" (6)

  1. ariel5548 said:

    wow!!! yahs i knoe i wen japan and bought magazine n poster on the way n prices varies… awws did u see and huge poster of them on building in kr???

    • Yeah so gotta be careful where to buy the cds in order to get a good price. ^^ Nope i did’nt see any huge posters of them on buildings while i was there. There was supposed to be huge billboard of them on the BSX store in Myeongdong. But when i went there, it was replaced with something else. D:

      I did see them on other things though. xD Big Bang ad on a bus, and i also saw them on that train station entrance thingy. You know where you put your ticket and that door/flap thingy would open to let you through? Yeah i saw the Big Bang member pics on those thingies at one of the train stations. xD I remember going through the GD & TOP one. xDD

  2. ariel5548 said:

    same same esp in train station right ?? japan was same.. gt arashi , and billboard was kat-tun!!! did u travel to kr b4?? hey add me on twitter?? do u have one?? :)))) easy to talk :x lols

  3. oh woww u just get it for around RM38 ! it’s so much cheaper than we got in in Malaysiaaa .. xD

    • Yeah awesome is’nt it? :D :D I also bought my TVXQ “Keep Your Head Down” album there in Korea for only 17,500won which is about RM47. Here in Malaysia it’s like RM100+. Koreans are so lucky that they get to buy these albums at a cheaper price. Here in Malaysia, it costs like double or triple the price. :O

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