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Just finished watching “Secret Garden“. A kdrama which its awesomeness rivals “You’re Beautiful” and “Boys Over Flowers”. The cinematics, ost, and casts are all top-notch! Here’s my final thoughts on the drama.

<<<<<<Spoilers Below>>>>>>

The Cast

The lead male, Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) is really good-looking, charming & funny. The most memorable thing about him other than his personality, is definitely his choice for tracksuits. Haha that sparkly blue one will forever be etched in my memory. It’s hand stitched by an Italian designer thread by thread! <–says Joo Won with a serious business face trying to justify his fashion sense. I can’t explain how much i love this guy! He’s just so lovable and behind all his designer clothes there’s a really sweet and romantic guy who you just can’t help but to love. ♥

Then we have the lead female, Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) who is a stuntwoman which appears to be tomboyish but also has her cute girly side too. :) One of her trademark reactions is the feet tapping thing when she’s shy. It mostly occurs whenever she’s around Oska who is her idol. She’s been a huge fan of him for many years and continues to be so even when she’s with Joo Won. Now back to her tomboyish traits, she’s quite rough around Joo Won. She’s often seen kicking him in the leg whenever he annoys her. Lol it’s funny how Joo Won eventually develops an unconscious reaction towards that and swiftly avoids it. xD

Next we have Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun) who is Joo Won’s cousin and a Hallyu Star. I did’nt like him at first. My first impression of him was just LOUD. Yeah he just seems like one of those jerks who just yells out at other people and does whatever he wants. But as the story progresses, we get to see a softer and more lovable side to him. In fact i’ve started to like him now. Especially after seeing how much he cares about Joo Won in a hyung (brotherly) way. :’)

Then we have Oska’s love interest, Yoon Seul (Kim Sa Rang) who is a video director. Similar to Oska, i did’nt like her character. She seemed like those rich snobbish type of girl who thinks she’s all that. But towards the end, you’ll end up liking her. ;) She also ends up giving love advices to our lead couple. ^^

Ah Young (Yoo In Na) is Ra Im’s housemate and best friend. She works as a sales assistant in the dept store run by Joo Won. I find her really pretty and cute. She’s lovable from the start and is the type who stands by her friend the whole time. Her friendship with Ra Im is really deep rooted. I’d love to have her as one of my bffs. :3

Secretary Kim (Kim Seong Oh) is the loyal secretary of Joo Won. There are times where he gets annoyed by his boss, but he really does care about Joo Won. I also see his relationship with Joo Won more like a close friend kinda thing rather than a boss-secretary thing. He’s also in a relationship with Ah Young which i find really cute! :3 Oh and i love how Joo Won always tend to interrupt Secretary Kim’s dates with Ah Young then Secretary Kim would put on his childish grunts & complaints. xD

Director Im Jong Soo (Lee Philip) is the director of Action School. Though he has feelings for Ra Im, he decides to allow Joo Won to be the man in her life while he watches over her as someone she can depend on like a brother/father. He’s really a sweet guy. I also love how he can speak English so fluently & with an accent too. ♥

Ttae Sun (Lee Jong Suk) is scouted by Oska to be his protégé. But he instead ends up helping Oska to become a better singer. I find it funny how he secretly has feelings for Oska but Oska is like so dense and does’nt realize it even though he is well aware that Ttae Sun is gay. ^^; In my opinion the scenes with Ttae Sun in it did’nt really stand out, but he is quite a looker. ;)

That’s pretty much my thoughts on the main cast. Other people that are worth mentioning is Director Park Bong Ho (Lee Byung Joon) i thought he would be one of the main villains in this story along with Joo Won’s mum, but instead he’s actually quite a nice man. Kinda funny too. Most memorable thing about him is his deep voice and the way he says “why???” in English. It’s just so comical. xD Joo Wons mum (Park Joon Geum) is the main “villain” of the show. She strongly protests Joo Won’s’ relationship with Ra-Im and does just about every “evil mum” thing you see in the kdrama’s to break apart the couple. I find it kinda sad that Joo Won’s mum never did accept their relationship even in the end. Though all hope is not gone because she seems to be opening up by accepting her grandchildren (triplets ftw!). So who knows, maybe that old heart of her will soften and accept the couple someday. ^^;

The Plot

It’s not exactly a totally new concept with the whole body-switching thing, but it’s still interesting. I had the feeling that they would jump into the whole body-switch in the 1st episode, but i’m glad they did’nt. Instead they chose to establish the relationship between Joo Won and Ra Im so that the body switch will bring a bigger impact on them. ;) I love how they connected the whole story. Like how Ra Im’s dad was a firefighter who had saved Joo Won from an elevator during a firebreak in the past. And also how Ra-Im’s dad cherishes rain as a firefighter who is always in constant danger with the burning fire. It somewhat describes why Joo Won & Ra Im have the body switch whenever it rains. The ending was nicely done. They managed to keep it realistic. For example, rather than having Joo Won’s mum drastically change into an accepting mother and be all nice and peachy with Ra Im, they’ve maintained her cold personality but with a hint of acceptance. The last scene was really touching and sweet. A great way to end off a lovely drama. :’D


This drama has a lot of beautiful tracks which conveys the emotions in the scenes all so well. If i had to choose my fav from them all it would be Hyun Bin’s version of “That Man”. The lyrics are lovely and Hyun Bin’s voice is so full of emotions. I never knew he was such a great singer! Good looks, amazing acting skills and a great singer = PERFECT! ♥ Oska also has some pretty good songs too. Like his version of “Here I Am“, “Liar” & “Tear Stains“. Other favs of mine are “You Are My Spring” by Sung Si Kyung along with “Scar” by BOIS and “Reason” by 4MEN.


I had a great time watching this series. I was caught in it ever since the 1st episode and it made its steady way into my top kdrama list. This is exactly the type of kdrama i hope to see more in the future. One that does not only depend on the casts good looks/popularity but more of a mix of everything which makes it perfect. I would definitely recommend this even to those who don’t watch dramas. I’ve heard a lot of stories how people who don’t even watch dramas have been drawn into this series. So do give it a try. You won’t regret it!

Now that i’m done writing this long post i can already feel the Secret Garden withdrawal symptoms kicking in. ;__;

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