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Last night these wonderful girls performed 8 songs at the Twin Tower’s Live concert which was a free event! Yes FREE! I’ve compiled some of their performances from a number of users who have kindly shared their videos on youtube. Check out their performances! I couldn’t find the fancams for This Fool and This Time. So if anyone has it, please let me know and i’ll add it up to this post.

2 Different Tears: (Close Up)

2 Different Tears & So Hot:

So Hot: (With view of Twin Towers)

Nobody: (Note: Check out the fanboys dancing along!)

Saying I Love You:

Saying I Love You: (Close Up)

Tell Me:


Credit: Videos belong to the respective users on youtube.

Comments on: "[Fancam] Wonder Girls Live at KLCC Twin Towers 2011" (2)

  1. .:rednow:. said:

    Actually they sang 8 songs with Eebabo and This Time. hope somebody record that

    • Oh ic. Thanks for letting me know. I thought they only sang six songs because those were the only ones i could find on youtube. I haven’t found a fancam for those other 2 songs yet. I’ll update the post when i do find it. :)

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