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Se7en visited Malaysia for the first time today and greeted his fans at the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC). The event started at about 1pm and was rather brief as he had to prepare for his performance  for the Asian Music Festival. But fans were in luck as they were able to shake hands with him and take a group photo too. Check out these super clear videos. :D

He said “Apa khabar”! :D For my foreign readers, it means “How are you?” in Malay language. :) Lol i love his expression when the MC said that he’s supposed to shake hands with all the fans there. xD

Love how they’re playing “Digital Bounce” in the background and I hear the part where they say “Se7en & T.O.P”. Omg it would have been so awesome if T.O.P came along too. I’d stop whatever i was doing and march my way right there!

Video Credit: epiklyhigh 

Comments on: "[Fancam] Se7en Fanmeet in Malaysia" (4)

  1. OMG! I was there too and stand almost in the front line…lol
    I was so happy to meet Se7en Oppa since he is the first YG’s artist in Malaysia!!!

    *and I’m so excited we got the chance to shake hand with him..cant sleep tonight!lol

    • Yeah he’s the first YG artist to come here and i hope more of them come here soon. :D

      Nice! Did you get to take a pic with him too?

  2. well, unlucky me for not winning the lucky draw…u got huh?
    I just take pictures from fans stand..lol

    but,it’s awesome that we got to shake hands with him..his hand was so soft…haha

    • Haha no. I didn’t even go for the event. Was busy doing assignments. :(

      But my friend went and got a group pic with him. ^^

      Lol soft hands! Ah celebrities must use a lot hand lotion or something since they need to shake hands with lots of people. xD

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