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KMW is finally hitting the shores of Malaysia! The concert will be held at Stadium Merdeka in KL on the 24th of September 2011. The 2 hour 30 min concert will start at 7pm. So who will be at the concert? Well here’s the list so far:

      1. GD&TOP (BigBang)
      2. Seungri (BigBang)
      3. Park Jung Min (SS501)
      4. Teen Top
      5. U-Kiss  (Note: Eli and Dongho will also be the special guest MC for the night)
      6. FT.Island
      7. 4Minute

Excited? Well check out the seating plan below! Further details on ticketing can be seen here.

Source: KMW 2011 & Galaxy

Comments on: "[Events] Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia – Lineup" (2)

  1. i would appreciate if anyone can let me know if there is any kind of concert or tickets giveaways. Hopefully there’s something… Thank You…

    • Usually our local radio stations would have giveaways to concerts and stuff. So if i hear about any, i’ll surely let u all know through twitter. ;)

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