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This time around the spotlight is on Shirota Yu. He’s born on 26 December 1985 and is  of a mixed parentage where his mother is Spanish and his dad is Japanese. He can speak Spanish, Japanese and English as he was brought up in Barcelona for a few of years and then moved over to Japan for elementary school. He  attended high school with other big stars such as Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin and also Koike Teppei. A school full of talents huh? ;)

He started off with his acting career in movies and dramas such as Heat Island, Hana Kimi SP, Arakawa Under The Bridge and also joined musicals such as Prince of Tennis.  Later on in May 2011 he made his singing debut under Avex Entertainment. Here’s a couple of his songs you should check out:


There’s also a Spanish version.

Heart of Glass:

My fav song from him. The music video is cute and it’s a nice upbeat song.


The music video features a cute animated version of himself. :3

A Sandglass of Fate:

His latest single. More Spanish vibes in this one. ;)

More info on him at:

|| Avex || Shirota Yu Website || Twitter ||

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