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Gummy’s Japanese version of her “Sorry” music video was uploaded recently onto Youtube and we finally got to see the full video which was breathtakingly beautiful in every way! From Gummy’s beautiful vocals and clear Japanese pronunciation, to T.O.P’s perfect rap parts and beautiful cinematography of the whole video.

There’s been various interpretations on the storyline, but after hearing the thoughts of other’s, here’s what I think it’s about. T.O.P is searching for his loved one who has been reincarnated into a bird. The other lady in this MV is seen with a helmet. So I guess she’s the owner of the scooter parked outside. She gets out of the coffee shop and sees T.O.P driving off with her scooter so she hurriedly stops a random car and chases after him. After she catches up to him. She sees her scooter safely parked outside some kinda bird shop. She decides to peek in and sees T.O.P hurriedly going through the various bird cages. He gives each bird a good look in hopes of identifying his loved one. But he doesn’t find her. He exits and heads over to the scooter in order to continue his search. The lady runs along and decides to help him in his search.

Both of them are then seen in another place filled with bird cages. T.O.P starts to feel frustrated as he can’t find his precious bird. After some form of encouragement from the lady, they both frantically search through all the bird cages and releases them. Then T.O.P finally spots a bird which catches his attention. A white bird sitting quietly inside a small black cage. He holds tightly onto the cage and walks towards the exit. But a man holding a gun chases after him (i’m assuming he’s the keeper of the birds).

The other lady who was with him sees this, and quickly rushes towards T.O.P in an attempt to run away from the bird keeper. But unfortunately T.O.P gets shot and he disappears. Feathers are seen scattered around everywhere and nothing is left except for his clothes and the bird cage which he was holding onto so dearly. The lady looks on as pure white feathers flutter down softly. Then we see a white bird heading towards the window and flying off.

At this point I have two assumptions. The 1st one is that T.O.P died and turned into a bird. Since he’s a bird, he forgets his whole past life and just flies off. My 2nd assumption is that he died and turned into a bird. But he then switches place with the bird which was in the cage (his loved one). So instead of having his loved one trapped in the cage. He switches place with her and sits in the cage while he frees his loved one and allows her to have a chance of happiness and freedom in this life which she did not get in her other lifetime as a human. The 2nd assumption sounds better doesn’t it? :)

And that’s the story. If what I assumed is correct, then it would match as a continuation of the 1st Music Video where he is seen with his gf (Dara) who then died of an illness. Thus in the 2nd music video he’s in search for her who has turned into a bird. Parts of T.O.P’s rap also mentioned “try to undo undo, all the pain I put you through”. This could have been in relation to the fact that he didn’t realize that his gf was suffering alone all this while with her sickness. Also other parts of the lyrics mentions “I’m sorry because I couldn’t forget you, I ‘m sorry but today I want to see you one last time”. So at the end of the second MV, I suppose he achieved that even if it meant that he had to sacrifice his own life.

So that’s my thoughts on it. I’m not exactly sure how accurate it may be. It’s all just my assumptions. So don’t take it all seriously lol. I could be way off with this one. But that’s just how I interpreted it. Hope you enjoyed reading it. :) If I were to choose my fav between the two versions of the MV, I would say I liked the 2nd one more because it’s just so visually beautiful! Love the effects with the lighting throughout the video and T.O.P looks absolutely gorgeous with that hairstyle and outfit. Gummy also looked stunning in her dress. The pure white fluttering feathers gave it all a magical feel and was a really beautiful sight. Definitely one of my fav MV’s of the year. If you have any other thoughts on the MV, you’re more than welcome to drop in a comment. ;)

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