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His music video for Test Drive was released recently which marked his debut in the US. His album is currently ranked at #24 on the US iTunes chart.

The song was a lot better than I thought it would be. The beat and the whole concept is heavily westernized and so I think it would be a great hit over there in the US. Overall I find the song catchy and definitely a great start for his US debut.

But I do have some gripes over the music video. Although this is Jin’s song, I get a kinda feeling like as if Jason Derulo was the main star here. I dunno….I think Jin needed to stand out more in the music video because it felt like Jason was taking most of the limelight while Jin was just well….there.

Another thing that sort of bothered me was the fact that I could barely see Jin’s face throughout the whole MV. He’s always in the hat hoodie and under those sunglasses. The only time I could kinda see his face was towards the end. Seeing that this is for his US debut, wouldn’t it be wiser to actually let the viewers see his face so that they can actually recognize him later on?

Anyway putting those points aside, I like how the quality of the music video wasn’t compromised. The quality was there & the concept fitted with the whole western concept of the music. Overall, I think he did great on this minus some of the issues I mentioned earlier. But definitely a great start to his music career in the US. ;)

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