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This years MAMA was hosted for the first time ever in sunny Singapore. The true winners tonight was mainly Super Junior (3 awards), SNSD (2 awards), and 2NE1 (2 awards) for bagging in multiple awards to their name. They were also the winners for the Daesang Awards. 

Song of The Year (2NE1 – I Am The Best)

Artist of The Year (SNSD)

Album of The Year (Super Junior).

Performance-wise, I’m pretty impressed that they roped in international artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dog and Dr Dre to perform. Will-i-am’s performance with the screens on his and his dancers head was a funny sight (lol I mean imagine having all his dancers with that same face projected on their head). Funny, but definitely a unique idea for a memorable performance.

Another pleasant surprise was the fact that CL joined in Apl De and Will-i-am on stage to sing “Where Is The Love”.

My personal favorite performance was 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”. So much energy and definitely an equal amount of swag in that one!

SNSD’s “The Boys” performance was nice too. The girls looked really stunning.

As for Super Junior’s performance, well dramatic would sum it up well. xD

I also liked the fact that when they performed “Sorry Sorry”, they technically had a whole mob of back up dancers in black suits. Definitely an amusing sight!

Overall it was an entertaining night. Was it the best MAMA? Not exactly. But still good nonetheless. :) Check out the rest of the screenshots that I managed to take while I was watching the show. (Also see full winners list here)

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