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The full title of the manga series is “Ai o Utau yori Ore ni Oborero!” Or commonly known as “Ai Ore!“. It’s a gender bender kinda manga meaning the male character disguises as a female and the female character disguises as a male in the story. ;) Here’s the summary as quoted from ANN:

Karam will play Akira Shiraishi, the male “princess” of an all-boys school, in the shōjo romance. The actress Ito Ōno will play Mizuki Sakurazaka, the female “prince” of her all-girls school and the lead guitarist in an all-girl rock band. In the manga’s story, Akira wants to join Mizuki’s band Blaue Rosen when the band’s lead singer moves overseas, but first he has to overcome Mizuki’s suspicious misgivings.”

Personally I think Karam would fit in the character role since he does have that feminine flower boy kinda look. ^^ But this is gonna be his first time starring in a film so lets see if he can pull off the character successfully. :) The live action film is currently in production and will be released in Japan some time this year.

Source: ANN

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