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My album + poster came in this evening and so I thought I’d take a few pics and review the packaging of the album itself. I got the T.O.P cover btw. 

First of all, here’s the poster. It’s really huge and has the quality of a usual poster that you would get. So nothing much to talk about that. As for the picture used, we get a pic of the 5 members bare-chested and frozen in individual ice cubes. I would have preferred other pics but this one is pretty cool too.

Now onto the album casing. Here’s what the front looks like. BigBang’s logo carved out revealing a bit of the blue photobook cover inside.

Here’s a further close up on the carved out album logo. The front casing is made of metal. So it adds a bit of weight to the album. The corners are quite sharp too. So be careful when sliding out the contents of the album.

Or else this may happen to the bottom part of the casing which is made of cardboard. I dented mines already. :(

Once you slide out the contents of the album you will find a blue plastic clear casing covering the photobook.

As you can see, the cover itself is quite pretty to look at too. It’s textured with frozen droplets which are slightly embossed all over the clear cover. So that’s quite an interesting detail that they’ve put in. ;)

To get the photobook out, you would need to slide it out of the blue cover. Here’s what the front of my photobook looks like. I’d love to show you all the pics inside the photobook itself, but there’s really no way for me to scan them without damaging the photobook in the process. So no pics of the inside ok. ^^

Behind the photobook is the album logo again. All shiny and pretty. ;D

Other than the photobook, you will also find this piece of note. Just some stuff like links to the youtube channel, FAQ on the YG Family Card and etc. Doesn’t really help unless you know Korean though.^^

I also got my YG Family Card inside the box. The pic on the left is a photo which I think is a bonus gift or something from the shop I got it from. I found the pic pasted on top of my album with a sticky tape. ^^

Next is the very pretty CD. I love the design on it and especially the colors! ♥ The holder held the CD securely and it was fairly easy to get the CD out too.

And here’s what the side of the casing looks like.

Last but not least, is the back of the casing. Mines featuring T.O.P. ♥

Overall, i’m really satisfied with the packaging. It’s definitely one of those unique ones which would make a great addition to your album collection and would be a great item for display too. As for my thoughts on the music, you could check out my album review here.

Also for those wondering, I got my album from a local online blogshop called Valoa Records. The album is RM75 (Inclusive of delivery within Malaysia). So if you’re from here too. Do drop by their site and have a look at their stuff. They are pretty efficient at handling orders. ;)

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Comments on: "[Review] A Close Look at BigBang’s Alive Mini Album + Poster" (3)

  1. mir_san said:

    sorry 2 b asking u dis stupid question.. but i wanna know if it is already in malaysia now? if no then i wud like 2 order from that site u mentioned earlier.. thanx alot for the photos.. u really make me wanna buy it… moreover it is a unique album.. gud 4 collection… hehe…

    • Hi! :) Well I haven’t been checking the local music stores, so i’m not sure if they have it. But you can check out the kpop shop in Times Square called “My Star Collection”. They carry a number of kpop albums, so i’m pretty sure they would have it.

      If not, you can also try and order from the online kpop shop that I mentioned in my post above. ;)

  2. faten najwa said:

    Er , How much This album sell at My star kpop collection ?

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