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Malaysian fans fret no more! Big Bang is coming here for their concert and they have just released the official date and location today from their FB page! It will be held on 27 October 2012 at 8PM in Stadium Merdeka. Also here’s the FB event page.

What do you think of the location? Personally I was a bit disappointed that they are having it in Stadium Merdeka because it’s an open air stadium. Meaning if it rains, then well it’s gonna be troublesome. Was hoping that they could do it at Bukit Jalil Stadium instead. But oh well at least they’re coming here and that’s the most important thing after all!

How to get to Stadium Merdeka by train:

Click on the map above for a clearer view.

1. Take a train from anywhere to KL Sentral.
2. Walk out to KL Sentral Monorail Station.
3. Take the Monorail to Maharajalela station. It’s the 3rd station from KL Sentral station after Tun Sambanthan station.
4. Exit Maharajalela station and you should already see Stadium Merdeka as the station is just right next to the stadium.

Seating Maps


  • (As of 30 June 2012) – The organizer for the event is RITS. They are finalizing the details on the concert tickets. So we will here some updates soon! :) Here’s their Website, FB page and Twitter Account.
  • (As of 10 July 2012) – Ticket prices and seating map released. Info here.
  • (As of 29 July 2012) – Purchase tickets here: TicketCharge and RedTix

Comments on: "[Events] Big Bang Alive Concert 2012 in KL, Malaysia" (42)

  1. i live in seremban. where do u think a suitable place that i can overnite . bcuz i never went to any concert at stadium merdeka. or should i just stay at kl central etc until the next day ? need ur advise :)

    • Hi i’m not quite sure where you can stay around there. But I would suggest you to stay over at a friends house or a relatives place as it is much safer for you.

  2. syahirasamsuri said:

    Btw , what price the ticket ? and what the price for vip ticket ? and wher can get the tickets ?

  3. suriana said:

    What Price the tickettt??I wantt To go!! :))

    • Hi as mentioned in my post, the details on the ticket prices are not out yet. But I will update it here as soon as it’s released. So keep a look out for that. :)

  4. unknown said:

    where to buy the ticket????

  5. azmur amira azhar said:

    I’m sooooooo goiingggg

  6. I’m from sabah and I want to go to the concert.. any suggestion where the near hotel that I can stay?

    • Hi it depends on your budget. Try looking around this website and find the hotel which is most convenient for you. Simply search for the location of your preferred hotel in the search box and you can also further filter the results according to price, facilities and etc. The site has a lot of useful reviews for you to check out as well. Here’s the link: http://www.tripadvisor.com/

      Hope that helps. ^^

  7. izwan said:

    Is it stadium merdeka near around Victoria institution??
    because i saw stadium negara when i visit victoria institution..

    • Yup it is around there. There are two stadiums near Victoria Institution. One is Stadium Negara and the other is Stadium Merdeka (bigger). The concert venue is at Stadium Merdeka which is closer to the Maharajalela monorail station. You may also refer to the map in my blog post above for the exact location. ^^

  8. i want buy to tickets,how to buy.

    • As mentioned in my blog post, the full details have not been released yet. I will update all the details here in my post once it is released. ;)

  9. can u help me to buy big bang’s ticket?

  10. jason said:

    waiting for the updates of…
    how much do the ticket cost?
    where can we purchase the ticket?
    and when can we purchase?

    TQ! BigBangVVIP

  11. ok, never mind;),but can u help me online what?www.______________

    then, when start to buy the tickets?I want VVIP tickets.hahahahahaha;)

    thank you very much;)

    • Try and look around at other Malaysia fansites online. Maybe they can help to buy the tickets for you when the ticket sales goes on. But i’m not so sure. So just try and ask around. I’m just a simple blogger. So I don’t offer such services. ^^

  12. AhYing said:

    I’m from kuching,when the price ticket will come out!!!

  13. fann of big bang ♥ said:

    when the ticket i can buyy

  14. Claudia kit said:

    When can I buy the ticket ?

  15. yildiz said:

    Are RM288,RM198, RM188 and RM98 still available?

    • No sorry. It’s all fully sold out according to the organizer. They also mentioned that they’re trying to get more tickets at the moment. But don’t get your hopes up. They haven’t confirmed on any additional tickets yet. I’ll post the updates here if they decide to release any extra tickets. ^^

  16. s.h.e said:

    did u know when is big bang will come to the airport sepang malaysia..?

    • Sorry I don’t have the details of their arrival either. Will definitely post it up here once I hear about it. :)

  17. Candy said:

    Selling 1 CAT 3 ticket, PM me if you’re interested: candyhp@gmail.com

  18. when will they arrive at KLIA?? i want to welcome them there..can i know the exact date and time of arrival???

    • Sorry I don’t have the details of their arrival either. Will definitely post it up here once I hear about it. :)

  19. I’m a huge fan of Big Bang and I’ve handmade some cute animated Big Bang moving paper puppets for their upcoming concert! For picture viewing and more information about the puppets, please contact me (Cindy) at big.bang22@hotmail.com. Hurry while stocks last! Hope all of you fans will love them!

  20. Prince97 said:

    When and where will bigbang arrive in Malaysia?

    • Sorry I don’t have the details of their arrival either. Will definitely post it up here once I hear about it. :)

  21. ms.millionaire said:

    how much for a vvip ticket?

  22. ccgdtop said:

    Thanks a lot for the map n direction to the venue.i was desperately looking for it.gumawo!

  23. So happy to be a malaysian !

  24. Thanks! i was google-ing how to get there. It’s very informative =)

  25. Alan.K said:

    any recommended parking area to watch the concert?

  26. in your opinion which seat got more fansevice (stuff throwing, close contact etc.) VIP or premier rockpit? cus some of my friends said that you cant even stand at vip seat which is a bummer cus when they come closer you cant do anything but is it true?

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